Complete your ‘Career Goals’ to reach Career Success

To reach your goals means that you have to be willing. Will power is the one driving force that spurs an individual to do the impossible and make it possible. Do you know what it takes to reach your ultimate career goal and are you willing to do what it takes to get there?

Job Mail wants you to reach your career goals. Our question to all our job seekers is, “How far are you willing to go to reach your career goals?”

We want to make sure that your career goals are  realistic and achievable. Sometimes after you explore what is actually required from your desired career, only then will you know what sacrifices you will have to make to achieve these goals. Are you willing to put in the time to complete your online CV and enhance your online brand to make sure that you meet your goals? Are you willing to carry on when things start to look dismal? Are you willing to relocate for a new job and leave your family behind?

All these questions need to be answered before you really know that you are 100% willing to make your career goals a success. Your updated CV is the first ticket to your career goal success. Did you know that Job Mail now builds your CV for you based on all the fields that you fill in. If you only fill in half your information this means that employers only see half your story.

Your Job Mail Online CV is built up of all the fields that recruiters are most interested in. Our new Job Mail CV allows you to include your qualifications, social links, employment history and your unique Skills Matrix. You can read more about each of the new sections of the New Job Mail CV in the making mission job hunt successful post.

To make your career success easier Job Mail has revamped the Curriculum Vitae section to your Career Goals. For most job seekers this means that your old CV text is now in this Career Goals section.  This means you have to updated your career goals section to reflect your unique career ambitions in the section. For those of you who don’t know how to update the Career Goals section now would be a good time to pay attention…

What is the Career Goals section?

This is your chance to tell an employer why they should hire you

– This is your opportunity to say why you are the best person for the job

This is where you motivate why you have the skills, personality, drive and qualifications to master the job advertised

How do you compile a good Career Goals motivation?

Make sure that your Career Goals motivation is written with passion

– A good Career Goals motivation tells the employer why you have the right skills, qualifications, experience and ambition to do the job

– This is also a good time to mention your willingness to succeed and how this job will make sure you meet your career goals

– This is where you mention what your career goals are. List all your goals so that the employer who is looking at your CV understands how this job will be the turning point in your career

We urge all our Job Mail job seekers that still have their CVs copied and pasted into the ‘Career Goals’ section to log-in right now and replace your CV with a 400 word Career Goal motivation. Please use the above guide to write a good Career Goals motivation and invite a recruiter or employer to hire you today!

This is your opportunity to convince your next employer that you are worth recruiting. Keep the text as short as possible in order to make the biggest impact! DO NOT enter your full CV details here. Use the fields in your profile and Job Mail will build a CV for you.

Here is an example of what can be entered in the “Career Goals” section:

“I am looking for a position where I can demonstrate how valuable I can be in an office environment, especially one where performance under pressure matters. Not only am I a speedy typist (120 words per minute), I am very efficient in my tasks. I am well versed in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as the ability to perform effective database queries.”

To update your “Career Goals” please visit this link on the Job Mail website:

It can also be found on your Job Mail Profile Dashboard under ‘Edit my CV and References’

Here is an example of what NOT to have in the ‘Career Goals’ section on your Job Mail Profile


You can also upload your CV in PDF format just above the ‘Career Goals’ section (should you not wish to complete the CV that we built for you) – in this case the PDF will go through with your applications that you do on the site.

We hope that this post helps your on your quest to find a new Job via Job Mail. Should you experience any problems with finding your Career Goals section, please contact the Job Mail webmaster via

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28 Responses

  1. Chamunorwa Mazwiwanza says:

    I am a qualified Graphic Designer with experience and passionate about my job. Employ me and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. elias baloyi says:

    passion for work
    develop other staff members
    drive sales
    good customer services
    want to win awards at work place

  3. elias baloyi says:

    please observe my CV and goals and consider me on your list of candidates

  4. Godfrey says:

    I’m always optimistic about every challenge that I face, and I believe there is always a way out in every challenge especially when things are properly dealt with. I like environment in which every individual is free to bubble up his/her own ideas. I don’t take an easy way out.

    I like being tested e.g.; being given a task that has to be done in a short period of time, and I also believe in team work. Being in the environment that is too challenging is where my pledger is. I don’t spend most of my time being far from reality, for it is a caution in my daily decision making. I keep personal things at home, and when I’m at work I do what I’ve been hired for.

    From my previous job I’ve learned that when you deal with customers you have to keep things simple and clear. As I have worked customer care service agent every change has to be well communicated with the customers. I am approachable and smile is always in my face. I engage much in personal-development that is equivalent to my daily work, so I make sure to take relevant annual courses in order to improve my skills, for I like been an asset to the company.

  5. bethy bofale says:

    Can’t open my account

  6. thokozani says:

    In addition, I am a hard worker, good listener, team player, problem solver, versatile and innovative, very energetic; I am also multilingual as I can speak 8 South African languages, have an ability to work under pressure, also have an ability to deal with a diverse group of people. Again, one is willing to be trained.

  7. Lindiwe Toheed says:

    Im a very confident person I have a Diploma in Information Technology. Im hard working plus I have a basic knowledge in fixing computer and a good communication skills. Im able to work effectively as a member of a team in a collective effort to solve a problem and contribute ideas to the group. Im able priorities and work under pressure.

  8. Nkholo Bambo says:

    I am a hardworking, fast leaner, loyal, faithful and honest person who always enjoys new challenges and believes that I can achieve anything I set my mind to it. I am not afraid of learning new things & I believe that any new skills I learn no matter what, how small or big are another step towards self improvement.

  9. Adela Ntoyakhe says:

    I am a qualified student in Accounting (Diploma); and I completed my B.Tech in Cost and Management Accounting during December 2006. I would like to be one of your trusted employees. My long-term objective is to work for a growing company, participate in a position of responsibility and being a qualified Chartered Accountant. I can work very well under pressure; I pay attention to detail and I work well with other people.

  10. MATOME says:

    I am a hand-on technically and practically oriented person with an eager to learn. My behaviors towards change are exemplary and emerge from great values.
    I ‘m working in a call center environment; I’m sensitive and compassionate in all my dealings with others and have strong leadership and negotiations skills.
    I have passion for a career in supply chain and currently i have equiped myself with a functional diploma in purchasing and supply chain management from UNISA and pursuing an advance certificate in sourcing and supply chain management.

  11. Johannes Munyuku says:

    Five years experience Distribution Controller.
    Daily deliveries planning,Stock ordering and receiving.Pickings,Invoicing,Stock controlling
    Six years experience Route Controller.Receiving of orders from Customers,Programming of weekly delivery schedule.Transcribe delivery schedule on board
    Pickings,Invoicing Give instruction to Loaders what products to load.Weighing of each consigments in and out.My core values at work are ” Passion, Intergrity. Adaptability.Customer accountability

    Please add this to my career goals on my CV.

  12. Abel Chendamudima says:

    Carrers goals:
    1. In view of my extensive management experience having held managerial positions in the past,I am a perfect fit for the position advertised.
    2. I have the necessar professional qualifications which qualifies me to fill this position and value to your bottom line.
    3. I am reliable, hardworking and of undoubted integrity.
    4. I am willing to relocate at your convenience.
    5. I have the required skills for the position having held a similar position in my previous jobs.
    5. I can adapt easily to change.

  13. Godfrey says:

    I am a hard working,reliable person who is always willing to go extra mile.I have an ability to work under pressure,good relationship with variety of people,problem solver,team player,creative thinker and I can work independently.Always in a state of giving my best abilities so that the company that I am working for can benefit from me.

  14. maphosa buhle says:

    l am a qualified chef that have passion for good food,l work in any kitchen department without supervision,l adapt easily

  15. Rasilo says:

    I am Rasilo a Graphic and Web Designer, i am a hard working person, always striffing hard to do best in the work i do, I am independent and ready to build something with my career, i am a peoples person, a team player and with all creative i do my work well and ready to learn more. i am ready at anytime to do the work.

  16. altinah says:

    i am a young lady who is working for a financial working hard to achieve my goals and working under pressure to make sure the job is done. i have time management skills.hiring a person like me wil be a good idea for the benefit of the company.

  17. Winston Sabelo Cele says:

    I am applying for the finance position with my qualifications and years of working experience. I have excellent interpersonal skills, team building, problem solving abilities, an eye for detail and effective communication skills.

    I have a disability (limp) but, it has never stopped me to become the best that I can be in life, being courageous, ambitious having the ability to influence others positively and facing challenges with confidence and bravery.

    In October 2004 I was nominated to join the forensic team, which were formed especially by the Municipality to collect Provincial Government debts which escalated to R650 000 000.00. Being nominated to be a member of that team was a portrayal of trust from senior management, which was an exceptional achievement to me in my career. It was important for the Unit to achieve the specified deadline of recovering that debt which, was targeted to be done within six months. Within the specified time we managed to collect almost 90% of debts before the dead line date.

    In July 2005 I join a College finance team as senior finance clerk, and then I get promoted to be finance supervisor in June 2006. I am very happy to be the part head of Coastal College finance team, as we a having a record of getting unqualification in terms of Auditing as from 2007 till last Audit 2010.

    I believe I can be an asset to any company that allows me the opportunity. I have enclosed my resume for your viewing. Waiting a response in anticipation.

  18. Engies Chadamoyo says:

    Am a dynamic and result driven man with a background in Transport Administration and Logistics. Committed to achieve and exceed demanding targets and businss objectives. I have a good inerpesonal communication and can strive in highly pressurized and challenging working environments.

    I have 7 years experience in Adminstration and Operations Controller.

  19. BOIPELO says:

    i have a matric and experience at sales.i was a sale consultant for 3 years and i was a reseptionist now i am a sales assosiate

  20. thembile mabote says:

    I am a hardworker,goal oriented,disciplined person and commited to achieve and exceeddemanding targets with business objectives.I have good communication and strive in highly pressurised and challenging working environment.

  21. thembile mabote says:

    I have more than 7 years of working experience.

  22. Lazarus Mehlape says:

    Im eager to learn new thing on daily basis,couping well under pressure.i enjoy comingup with solution to problems.what i start i want to see it finished and i have necessary qaulification and experience.

    currentlty im working as an artisan fitter and turner at rooiwal power station[city of tshwane]also worked at pretoria west power station for period of 5years.also i have worked at chemplast plastics as an turner machinist for atleast 8years.

    I would like to give an impact in any organisation i have joint and given an opportunity to join your organisation will help me a lot to grow in this facality of engineering.

  23. WELLINGTON says:


  24. thembile says:

    I have a strong managerial skills ,relliable,willing to learn,have technical skills on appliances,IT imformation.Ive worked as a department manager for more than 5years.I have customer service experience and customer relationship.

  25. Moyo Makosemvelo says:

    I`m a 28 years hard worker from Zimbabwe. I have got a Code EC (14) driver`s licence; able to drive horse and trailer, fuller gear box,30 tone truck and i travel long distance.
    Try me.

  26. Elvis Shizha says:

    Dynamic retail manager with vast working experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods environment for the past ten years. Seeking growth and development in a dynamic company looking to create new systems and enhance on the systems currently in place.
    My vast experience has helped to sharpen my analytical and operational skills, which I would be bringing to your organization. I can offer you a combination of practical experience and up to date theoretical knowledge.
    Furthermore, keen to develop my current skills set to an international level through active participation in the work place through
    continuous professional development.

  27. abel says:

    I’m a hard working,ambitious young man who is willing to strive to deliver.I intend making professional & dynamic contribution to my employer . I take pride in my work and I always look towards gaining skills that will make me better equipped to execute my task.

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