House Sitting Jobs: Make extra money over the Holiday Season

As people start preparing for the festive season, the demand for house sitters is increasing. House sitting is a great opportunity for students to make extra cash. If you find part time jobs looking after properties in the holiday period, you can make money easily. While jobs for teens with no qualifications can be hard to come by, you can find house sitting jobs without any experience. If you are looking for student jobs here is helpful information about house sitting.

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House sitters are responsible for staying in a house and taking care of the property while its owners are away. They make sure that the property is secure by keeping it locked and monitoring who has access to the house. They also forward messages to the house owners when it is necessary and keep mail safe until the house owners return. They are responsible for the general cleanliness and upkeep of the house. If there are plumbing or electrical emergencies when the owners are away, the house sitter is responsible for getting a professional to complete the necessary repairs. Another responsibility of a house sitter is to manage staff members on the property. This may include domestic workers and gardeners. An important duty of a house sitter is to take care of the pets on the property. This includes feeding the animals and giving them water. If one of the pets becomes ill the house sitter will need to contact the owners and take the animal to the vet. If there are dogs on the property, the house sitter may be required to take the dogs for a walk. Another important duty is taking care of the plants. This includes both indoor and outdoor plants. You will need to water the plants regularly. If there is a swimming pool on the property, the house sitter will need to keep it in good repair and make sure that it is cleaned regularly.

The advantage of finding house sitting jobs is that you can get a free place to stay. If you can’t afford to go on holiday, you can house sit in different parts of South Africa. You can even earn some money while you are away. For short house sitting positions you will typically receive a daily rate. However, longer house stays may only include room and board. When it comes to part time jobs, house and pet sitting is a great option.

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To be a successful house sitter you will need to be reliable and trustworthy. You will need to spend time on the property and sleep there every night. Typically, a house sitter does not need any qualifications. Many positions require you to have a drivers licence. If you are looking for part time employment, this entry-level position is a great work opportunity. Although relevant experience can increase your chances of being hired, you can still find suitable positions if you have not worked as a house sitter before.

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As a house sitter, you can find employment with house owners by advertising your services online and in community locations such a libraries. Great jobs for teens, Employment agencies also offer house sitter positions. The advantage of going through an agency is they will be responsible for linking you with house sitting jobs. Typically, employment agencies will also provide you with a comprehensive outline of the duties that you will need to perform. If you are finding part time jobs by yourself make sure that you talk to the owners before they leave to get a clear picture of what tasks you will need to perform on a daily basis. It is advisable to make a list of instructions to ensure that you do not forget what needs to be done. Make sure that you understand how to operate the security systems. Once you have found your first house sitting position, it is often possible to find more work through word of mouth and networking. If your employers are pleased with your services they may recommend you to friends or family. It is also advisable to obtain a reference to show to prospective employers. Jobs can last for a few days or months depending on how long the owners are away for. You can earn up to R 240 a day depending on the area that you are housesitting in and whether it is peak season or not.

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For house owners there are numerous advantages to having someone to take care of your property. While you are on holiday you will have peace of mind that your home and pets are cared for if you are using the services of a house sitter. Hiring a house sitter is also a deterrent to criminals as a vacant property is an easy target of theft over the holiday period.

Looking for part time jobs over the holiday season to earn some extra income? Why not register your CV on now and start applying for awesome opportunities and exciting options this holiday season.

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