Job Opportunities in South Africa’s growing industries

South Africa is a developing country with a number of fast growing industries. With this in mind, these fast growing industries offer a number of job opportunities. Today, Job Mail takes a look at some of these fast growing industries as well as the jobs available in each. From IT Jobs to employment in the Mining Industry and Engineering Jobs, you will find it in this post.


Information Technology and the Opportunities within IT

Our country’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry is one that bears characteristics of a well-established industry. According to, our country’s Information Technology (IT) industry is not only the most advanced in Africa, but also the largest in Africa. Our IT Industry boasts with being the leaders, particularly when it comes to electronic banking services and mobile software.

According to the South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC), the South African ICT market was estimated at a worth of $42.6 billion (in 2013), $ 15.08 billion of that (in 2013) being attributed to Information Technology.


South Africa’s strengths lie in the development of packaged software solutions, our Information Technology sector not only applies some of the best technologies in the world, but also reshapes these technologies so that it can meet the unique needs of our country as well as the unique needs of Africa.

The sector itself contributes approximately 8.2% to the GDP of our country. With such a strong and growing industry, it is no surprise that IT jobs are on the rise.


In terms of Information Technology jobs, Software Engineers, IT Specialist and System Engineers are among the many job opportunities within the Information Technology industry.

Information Technology Jobs on Job Mail

If you are on the lookout for exciting IT jobs in your area, be sure to stop by at We have a total of 600 vacancies listed on our site as of 17 November, 2015.

Jasper Computers located in Boksburg is looking for an IT Technician. Requirements for this position includes two years’ experience in networks, installing and maintaining software, and 1st line support.


If you are looking for a new and exciting position within the IT Industry, you might want to take a closer look at this vacancy for a Junior System Developer in Gauteng. Developing barcode applications, C#, SQL, Windows C E Development and VB.Net are only some of the requirements.


A vacancy for a Mid-Level Java Developer is available in Somerset West. Some of the requirements for this position include four years’ experience in Java and the technologies that are relevant to Java, experience in architecture design and expertise with J2EE / J2SE.


A Business Analyst is required in the Eastern Suburbs of Gauteng. Some of the requirements for this vacancy includes at least five years’ experience working as a BA, process mapping, CRM, experience in project management and a BSc (Mathematics or Informatics) or a relevant BA qualification.


Job Opportunities within the Mining Industry

South Africa is known for its natural mineral resources and in 2013 the mining industry, according to the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, accounted for 8.3% of our country’s GDP. Though this was a downward trend compared to 2012’s 8.6%, the mining industry itself makes valuable contributions to our economy not only in terms of economic activity and earnings through foreign exchange, but employment as well.


With a publication released in 2015 (Mining Indaba: SA Mining Outlook 2015) by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, direct employment within the mining sector was measured at 509 000 in 2013 while indirect employment was measured at 800 000 in 2013.

Mining jobs range to include a large amount of employment opportunities and skills. From general positions to jobs that require advanced technical skills, the mining industry offers jobs to everyone from skilled tradesmen and financial teams, to legal teams and those with Geology and Geoscience qualifications.


According to the Career Junction Index (CJI) and reports made in October of 2015, the mining industry experienced a slight dip in the number of vacancies during July of 2015. Hiring activity did however pickup during the month of September.

Some of the most sought-after professions when it comes to mining ranges from geologists and site managers, to engineering jobs and metallurgists.

Mining Jobs and Vacancies on Job Mail

As of 17 November, 2015, over 50 jobs were listed in this category on Job Mail.

A vacancy for a Planner in the Mining Industry is available in Kimberley, Northern Cape. Requiring a qualified engineering artisan, other requirements for this vacancy includes a minimum of six years’ experience, a valid trade certificate or technical qualification, and an N4 qualification.


If you are looking for mining jobs, this position in the Free State might be perfect for you. A Mining Manager is needed with either a BSc Degree or National Diploma in Mining Engineering combined with at least 13 years’ worth of experience in the appropriate field. Another essential for this position is a Mine Managers Certificate.


A Senior Strata Control Officer is required in the Northern Cape. Candidates for this position must meet a number of requirements which include holding a BSc in Physics, Mining or Geology, experience in Iron Ore and hold a Chamber of Mines Strata Control Certificate.


If you are a Fitter and looking for new job opportunities, this position in the Free State might be right for you. Requiring, among other set requirements, that you hold a N4 Certificate and a Fitter Trade Test (Section 13), you will also need five years’ post trade test experience.


A position for a Diesel Mechanic is also available in the Northern Cape. Requiring that you hold a Diesel Mechanic Trade Test (Section 13) as well as an N3 Certificate, candidates must also have at least five years’ worth of experience in a mining environment.


The Engineering Industry and Engineering Jobs and Opportunities

In the second quarter of 2015, Robert Walters, a recruitment company that started in 1985 by CEO Robert Walters in Central London, released figures regarding the job advert volumes across some of South Africa’s leading job boards.


The release titled ‘The South African Job Index’, shows that Engineering is the largest industry when it comes to the number of jobs advertised. The results from this report shows that advertised roles in natural resources and engineering increased with 57% year on year.

Engineering jobs include everything from electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, to project managers and quantity surveyors. Electrical Engineering in South Africa is quite a large industry, the South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) stating that local production facilities in our country is quite significant.


In terms of electrical engineering, our country’s local production facilities includes everything from transmission line components and equipment used in substations and mini-substations, to lighting, enclosures and security equipment.

Engineering Jobs in South Africa on Job Mail

As of 17 November, 2015, Job Mail features over 900 vacancies in its Engineering category. If you are looking for exciting opportunities and awesome jobs in your area, is the place to start.

A vacancy for a HVAC Mechanical Draughtsman is available in Gauteng. Requiring a minimum of five years’ experience along with Revit and AutoCAD experience, candidates’ duties will range from HVAC designs to compiling tender documentation.


If you are looking for new job opportunities, this vacancy for a Structural Engineer might prickle your interests. Some of the requirements set out by this job post includes a minimum of five years’ experience as a Structural Design Engineer and a BSc Eng. (Civil) Structural qualification.


A vacancy is listed in Gauteng for a Civil Engineering Technologist. Requirements for this position include being registered with the ECSA, holding a B Tech in Civil Engineering and knowledge and experience with AutoCAD.


Telecommunication Jobs and Opportunities

Not only one of the largest sectors in Africa, our country’s Telecommunication sector is, according to the South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC), also the most advanced in Africa. With our telecommunications industry being 99% digital, mobile penetration in South Africa, according to subscribers, are at 66%.


This 66% mobile penetration means that our country has the fourth fastest growing mobile communications market in the world.

According to the SAEEC, South Africa has a total of six service providers, three cellular operators and a total of two fixed line operators. Within the Telecommunications industry, our country has proved itself in the capability of delivering a stunning range of services as well as products.


Some of these products and services include end-user applications, rural telecommunication solutions, routing systems between both mobile networks and fixed networks, and self-contained datacentres, to name but a few examples.

Telecommunication jobs listed on Job Mail

If you are on the lookout for exciting opportunities within the Telecommunications industry, Job Mail is a fabulous place to start your journey to an awesome job.

A vacancy for a Project Manager is advertised on Job Mail. This position is a permanent type position and some of the job requirements include a sound knowledge of telecommunications and/or construction industry. Other requirements extend to include a Technical diploma or degree along with a postgraduate qualification in Project Management.


A telecommunications company is looking for young males who are eager to start a career in telecommunications.


Are you ready to take on new job opportunities in your field of interest? Whether your passion has anything to do with these growing job sectors in South Africa or not, is the best place to browse and apply for vacancies in South Africa. From IT Jobs to Engineering and Mining jobs, you will find the vacancy that fits you on Job Mail. Register your CV now!

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