Holiday jobs for students in Pretoria

Finding a holiday job is a great way for students to earn extra money and gain work experience. Holiday jobs for students in Pretoria can be found in the restaurant and entertainment industry. During the festive season these industries need extra staff to cope with additional business. Many people chose to take their annual leave during the festive season, making temporary positions available for students. This means that inexperienced students may get a job that they would not usually be considered for. If you take an entry-level position in the industry that you plan to start a career in, you can gain beneficial knowledge about that industry.

Vacancies in Pretoria include part-time sales rep positions. Sales reps are required to promote products in order to increase the company’s products. Remuneration is commission based. Positions are available on a part-time basis. Sales can be promoted using social media, online platforms and by making telephone calls. Flexible work hours will allow you to enjoy your summer holidays while making extra money. Applicants must be motivated, hard-working and reliable. Suitable candidates will have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

Part-time employment is available for bartenders and waitresses. During the festive season additional staff is required for Christmas parties and year-end functions. Waitresses and bartenders must have superior interpersonal skills. They must be able to follow instructions and physically capable of spending long hours on their feet.

Receptionist positions give students the opportunity to develop their skills and gain knowledge about the industry that they are working in. Duties include answering telephones, responding to emails and greeting clients. Applicants must have computer capabilities and excellent organizational skills. Applicants must have a professional demeanour and be polite and friendly.

Vacancies can be found in bakeries. These positions require making deliveries, baking cakes and ordering stock. Applicants must be reliable and hard-working. Part-time or full-time positions are available with remuneration set at an hourly rate.

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Available jobs for students in Pretoria :

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