Job Mail adds FMCG category

At Job Mail we like to look at the needs of both Job Seekers and Employers. For this reason we have created a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) category.

The term FMCG refers to those retail goods that are generally replaced or fully used up over a short period of days, weeks, or months, and within one year. This contrasts with durable goods or major appliances such as kitchen appliances, which are generally replaced over a period of several years.

FMCGs have a short shelf life, either as a result of high consumer demand or because the product deteriorates rapidly. Some FMCGs – such as meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and baked goods – are highly perishable. Other goods such as alcohol, toiletries, pre-packaged foods, soft drinks and cleaning products have high turnover rates.

Over the years we’ve received many adverts for this industry at Job Mail, but they’ve never been listed in a 100% relevant category. For the benefit of both Job Seekers and Employers we’ve created a brand new category for this industry at Job Mail.

Since this category is brand spanking new please note that there might not be many adverts listed there at the moment. If you are looking for a position in this field, do a search on the Job Mail website for “FMCG” for vacancies in the industry.

You can check out the FMCG category on Job Mail at this link.

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5 Responses

  1. anton vorster says:

    Good move. Will all categories such as technical, engineering, admin, HR, etc. be found under FMCG?

  2. Heleen Naude says:

    My son put his CV so many times on Job Mail without any response for work from nobody. I personally think the people don’t read their emails as they requested for his CV to be mailed.

  3. kagiso Mayile says:

    I agree with Hellen Naude, I also applied for jobs but i never received a notification on whether they’ve received my CV.

  4. Johan Powell says:

    I also agree with Helen and Kagiso.I feel that the least they can do is to respond to our emails, either stating that the position has been filled, or that they did receive your CV. We put so much effort into our CV.

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