Fraudulent E-Mail Response Warning

Job seekers have many things to worry about during their job seeking journey. The last thing you want to worry about is the latest job scams.  Job Mail is here to help and ease your worry by making sure you know what to lookout for when it comes to job scams.

Job Mail users that are registered as job seekers on our website have been plagued by an fax to e-mail response scams over the last week. Job Mail asks that all job seekers please ignore or delete these e-mails (please see an example of this fax to e-mail scam below) . This e-mail scam is a blatant attempt by a con artists to make money from a paid Fax to Email service.

So How Does This Scam Work?

The fraudster e-mails the job Seeker off a free email account ( ,, and asks the job seeker to fax their CV’s to a 086 number in order to secure interviews. A reputable recruiter will not use a free email account to do business on, so this should be the first indicator that this is a scam.

Once the job seeker sends the documents, the scammer receives money from every page that the job seeker sends him. The con artist usually asks job seekers to send a full CV and all relevant certificates so that he can get more money from the job seeker. The scammer gets paid up to R30.00 per page that job seeker sends via the o86 number that is connected to a paid-for Fax to Email service. Job seekers who have not received interview updates as promised from the scammer will usually make contact with the scammer to find out what happened. At this point, the scammer says that the CV and certificates were not received. The con artist then asks the job seeker to resend the documents. If the job seeker resends the documents the scammer will make even more money off the job seeker. By the time the job seeker realises what has happened the scammer has already walked away with a pocket of money and the job seeker will not hear from him again or get the interviews that the scammer had promised.


How Can You Prevent Being Scammed by Fax to Email ploys?

  1. Register your CV on Job Mail and apply for the advertised job only using your Job Mail CV to avoid having to apply for jobs that require a 086 number. In using the apply button on a Job Mail verified advert you have direct access to approved job positions and authorised recruiters.
  2. Don’t apply for jobs that have not been moderated by the Job Mail scam busting team. All adverts that have been approved will have the official green ‘Verified Ad’ logo on the job post.
  3. Don’t apply for jobs that force you to fax your details to an 086 number. Rather email your CV to the employer or apply with your Job Mail CV.

This is a copy of the wording in the e-mail that is making its way into job seeker’s inboxes:

“Dear ……..

We have learned, through a partner company, that you are currently job-hunting.

Our company is a dynamic player in the human resource sector, and therefore we would like to offer our expertise to you.

If you are interested in us assisting you in your search for better job prospects, please contact us as soon as possible with your details, in order to enable us to help you.

We will need the following from you:

A recently updated CV, together with a recent photo of yourself, as well as all available supporting documents such as reference letters and proof of education.

(For security reasons do not submit any ID documents or ID numbers at this stage.)

Please also include a short motivational and introduction letter, stating the position you are seeking as well as the area and expected salary.

Please also mention available date.

Please send all of the above to fax: 0862259275 (please note that this is the 086 number that this scammer is using)

After receiving the above mentioned documentation, we will process your information and contact you as soon as we have something that will suit your specific needs.

Awaiting your prompt response.



Processing Department

Resource Consulting Services”


Job seekers please ignore these types of e-mails. To get these scammer e-mails permanently blocked please use the below email addresses, forward the entire email and use the subject line “Abusive use of account.” Please report all scammers using free e-mail accounts to the relevant free e-mail provider:

Please make sure that you forward the entire e-mail to the appropriate e-mail provider with the subject “Abusive use of account” or the email address will not be blocked.

If you encounter a scam artist / fraudster that is either responding to job seekers or placing false adverts on Job Mail, please notify us by e-mailing or contacting us telephonically on 012 342 3840 x2620.

We hope this scam awareness post has helped you to be safer when applying for jobs on Job Mail. Where there is a window of opportunity fraudsters will find innovative ways to con you. This is why you need to be aware of the latest scams so that you don’t become there next target!

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