Create Your Own Job Opportunity

If you are still looking for a job and would like to make some money in the meantime, why not try selling other peoples’ stuff for them.  Yes, you can make some money by selling stuff online.

I am sure you know people that might want to sell some unwanted goods or items but just have not had the time to actually do it.

Well, you could sell it for them and make some money at the same time!

This is how:

  1. Get stuff to sell: Ask family, friends or even in your community if there is something you can help them sell.
  2. Negotiate a price.  Find out for how much they want to sell it for and then negotiate your cut or payment if you actually make the sale.  Do not buy and then resell the item, just sell it for them.
  3. Place Free Ads for these items on Junk Mail.  You can place as many ads as you like and the cool thing is it’s free!  Remember to add images of the actual item when creating the adverts as adverts with images attracts 8 times more attention, increasing the chances of a sale.
  4. Get your money.  After the sale you will get your cut or payment as pre-negotiated for selling the item.

You can Place Free Ads on Junk Mail by clicking this link: or you can also use your mobile phone’s browser by going to  Doing it with your phone enables you to do it on the fly and wherever you are.

Many people are already doing it right now, and you could too.  You can help someone sell an item, make some money in the process and also gain some business skills and experience you can use for future job applications, all with minimum effort.  Who knows, maybe this could even become your full time job.

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