Interesting Job Mail Facts

Many employers contact us each day for help with their accounts, the purchasing of Premium Accounts or Premium Adverts, but now any again we are also asked for some statistical information.

Here are the answers to the most asked statistical questions:

Question 1:How many job seekers visit the Job Mail website every day?

Answer 1: Over 32 000 job seekers visit the Job Mail website per day and this does not include the job seekers paging through the print edition.

Question 2:How many job applications are received during a print edition?

Answer 2:Over 36 000 job applications are done through the website during a weekly edition period.

Question 3: How many times are job ads viewed on average?

Answer 3:Job ads are viewed an average of 215 times.  If your adverts are getting way less than this, it could be due to many factors such as the vacancies being of niche industry nature, perceived image of the industry, or simple lack of interest by jobseekers.

Question 4:How many active CVs / Job seekers does Job Mail have?

Answer 4:Job Mail has more than 133 000 active CVs / Job seekers looking for vacancies to fill.

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