So what can Job Mail do for you?

Since Job Mail started out in 1997, our aim has always been to connect job seekers and employers. Hundreds of employers visit our website to list their vacancies and thousands of job seekers browse, search and apply for jobs every day.

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Many of you know this already, but you might not be familiar with the following facts about Job Mail:

1. We are the largest job portal in South Africa, with over 1.1 million job seekers registered on our database.

2. We are the ONLY job portal offering FREE job advertising in South Africa.

3. Recruitment agencies and companies that make use of Job Mail to recruit staff have a 96% success rate for placements.

4. Besides getting exposure on the Job Mail website, job adverts also get printed in our weekly publication (which is read by over 80,000 job seekers).

5. Our FREE ads rules have been revised to offer you more benefits:
– Ads can now contain up to 500 characters.
Ads go live immediately (after being proofread).
Salaries are not required in adverts.
Telephone numbers are not required for adverts, so you can screen potential candidates via Email.

With all these new benefits to suit you, why wait?


Start placing your vacancies today, find candidates and fill those empty seats in no time. If you want more benefits, such as searching our CV database, setting up alerts for potential candidates for your positions and more, click here.

Watch this space for regular updates for employers on the Job Mail Blog.

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