You want a job? Then you should never give up

If you have been searching for a job for a while, then you have probably experienced defeat, rejection and gloom. But through all of that, you have also had days when you were sure that you got the job and eventually you did, why? Or why, not if you did not get the job?

Looking for a job is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do. When you are still in university, you are filled with excitement and you often say to yourself ‘I cannot wait to get a job’. But as a student, the only thing driving you to say that statement is that whole idea of getting paid.

But what is the use of having a job if your only intention is only to get paid? Having a job is about personal and professional growth, it is about implementing your great ideas, meeting new people and the bonus of it all, is to get paid.

If you can have all these thoughts in your head, shouldn’t it be much easier for you to find a job?


Some people hop from one job to the next, and you often ask yourself how? They make it seem so easy. One month they have quit their jobs, and the next month they have already found something new, how? Especially if you are somebody who has been looking for a job for years?

You begin to think ‘maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me that there is something bigger out there for me’ or ‘there is a dark cloud hovering above me’. But what you do not understand is, all these thoughts affect your job search.

People often give up so easily and they hide behind such comments because they have lost all hope and belief that they will ever get a job. But you need that little hope, you need all that belief to move forward in job searching so you can eventually find a job.

You may never know when there will be that specific job that is for you. What if you work hard for a couple of days and then give up, only to find that the day you gave up was the day your job was posted? That is why you need to search every day.

Yes! It is that simple. Finding a job requires hard work, lots of searching, passion and never giving up.

For some people, looking for a job to them is always like that fishing phrase ‘there are many fish in the sea’ in this instance, the fish being the jobs. But the reality is, there might be a lot of jobs, but maybe only just one is for you. Meaning that there can be about ten jobs that you can interview for, but only ever get one. Your work as a jobseeker is to keep fighting through all ten interviews so you can find that one job.

It is not that easy, we know. Especially if friends are working and family is always pressuring you to get something, but if you want a job, put in a lot of work into finding one. Search! Search! Search! Every day and never give up.

Register your CV on job search engines so that when employers post an ad you are notified about it. Prepare your CV, update it if it needs updating, make sure it is clean. And do not forget to read up on the job, the company and have a positive attitude, because without the positive attitude your jobseeker mentality is not complete.

And as every day goes by, always remember to NEVER GIVE UP. The statement might be a cliché, but it works.

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    I want the job

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    I wnt a job!

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    I am a 26 years old man looking for Electrical Engineering job I have accumulated my level 2,3 and 4 certificates in Electrical Infrastructurej

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