6 Essential Traits of a Successful PR Manager

The PR industry is filled with gurus who work tirelessly on the communication between companies or individuals and the public. These professionals can work a packed room with ease and confidence. For them, stringing together an impressive press release is second nature. With their inquisitive spirit and persuasive prowess, they don’t shy away from a challenge and know how to tell a good story. Take a look at some of the traits of a successful PR manager:


1. They are thick-skinned

Public relations is not for the faint-hearted, and success in this field comes at a price. It is guaranteed that you will hear many no’s, be criticised, and even be involved in failed campaigns that will see harsh words coming your way. Developing a thick skin will soften the blows and help you bounce back every time.

2. They have excellent communication and relationship-building skills

In public relations, excellent communication skills are essential, but equally important is the ability to build relationships. Along with the ability to confidently communicate face-to-face, speak in public, and network with different people, you need the ability to produce high-quality written work. These skills complement one another and will have you building a great network of contacts in no time.

3. They are able to work on multiple projects simultaneously

In the fast-paced, high pressure environment of public relations, being able to work on multiple projects at a time is a bonus. At any given time, you might have a handful of clients relying on you.

Public relations is an industry that never sleeps … From pitching to the media, to controlling a crisis, to initiating a new campaign, being able to juggle multiple projects or clients at once is essential.


4. They adapt to change

The world is constantly changing, and with the advancement of technology and how people consume content, PR professionals should be able to adapt to changes and new trends that arise. In the article: The Future of PR: Focus, Fit and Friendship on Business News Daily, Matt Rizzetta (CEO of the North 6th Agency public relations firm) is quoted as saying:

The PR landscape has evolved to the point where the most effective practitioners are the ones who see themselves as facilitators of content, and know how to adjust their communication efforts on a situational basis … The media landscape is more expansive than ever before, with so many layers and nuances. The ones who can see clearly through all of the clutter and adjust their outreach strategies are the ones who will continue to reap the benefits.

5. They continue learning

A know-it-all attitude is the fastest way to derail your public relations career. There is always something you can improve on and something you can learn from someone else. The best PR managers are the ones who continue to learn and evolve. Learning should be an endless journey in this ever-evolving field.

6. They are detail oriented

For a successful career in the PR industry, accuracy is essential. Because this field deals with the reputation and image of companies and individuals, PR professionals have to be observant and strategic, and they should never miss a thing. Paying attention to the smallest details could be the difference between the success and failure of a campaign.

The success of the PR industry depends on the effective communication skills of its professionals. The clients rely on the ability of PR professionals to tell their stories through the media. It is fast-paced and constantly evolving. The PR managers who make it work day in and day out are the ones who are passionate and self-disciplined, and who understand that learning never ends.

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6 Essential Traits of a Successful PR Manager
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6 Essential Traits of a Successful PR Manager
PR professionals can work a packed room with ease and confidence. Take a look at some of the traits of a successful PR manager.
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