Unique Jobs for Electrical Engineers

Looking for a unique career opportunity? There are a variety of interesting jobs available for electrical engineers. Positions, that are not well known in the industry, can be an excellent opportunity for recent graduates. Experienced professionals, who are looking for a career change, can also benefit from exploring the variety of electrical engineering jobs that are available.


Engineering jobs involve designing and developing electrical systems. Safety and reliability are among the essential considerations when designing a system. Maintenance work is an important part of this position. Vacancies are available in numerous industries including the building, transportation and manufacturing sectors. Electrical engineering jobs require the ability to multi-task as well as team leadership capabilities. Among the typical positions available, there are also unique opportunities.


Positions are available for electrical engineers in the offshore construction industry. Applicants must have an electronics engineering qualification as well as a high voltage endorsement. Additional qualifications are necessary for this position and this includes a Basic Safety Training Course. Relevant experience and an extensive knowledge of power management are usually required for this position.


If you are an electrical engineer, you can choose to specialise as a radio frequency engineer. This position involves working with electronics that give off and pick up radio waves. Core responsibilities include maintaining and repairing broadcasting equipment.


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Electrical engineers can also specialize in mining. Engineers are involved in the process of extracting and manufacturing oil and coal. Responsibilities many include designing mines and overseeing the construction of tunnels. Implementing safety precautions for staff members is an essential part of this position.


The South African Navy offers positions for electronic engineers. Applicants must be South African citizens without a criminal record. Candidates must be younger than 26 years old with a relevant University Degree.


The wide range of electrical engineering jobs available enable job seekers to find a position that suits their capabilities and qualifications. Experienced professionals and recent graduates can find exciting positions online.

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