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Legal recruiters south africa tipsA mistake made by many Recruiting Managers is that they get so caught up in recruiting candidates without exactly knowing what they are recruiting for. The recruiting process requires both drive and purpose.

Without purpose and drive, you won’t recruit successfully.

For instance, Legal organizations may approach you looking for legally trained individuals to join their team. As a recruiter, you cannot go into this blindly, in an attempt to find any candidate in haste. You need to know exactly what the organizations are looking for so you can find the perfect candidate for them.

Evaluating the perfect candidate as a legal recruiter will also require you to have some information about the law industry. Often companies are just looking for law students; law students so that they can be groomed and prepared for the law industry.

You have to know what organizations need so that you can help them find exactly what they need. This does not only better your relationship with the organization, but it ensures that every one of your candidates gets a chance to be evaluated for the position.

If legal organizations have vacancies in law firms, specifically for students, how do you go about this process?

You first need to know which level of law students they are looking for. Is it first, second, third or postgraduate students?

Then secondly you need to know what position they will be occupying.

Most legal students are hired in law firms for internships, where they will work within the law firm as assistants to legal representatives. This is a great opportunity for both the law firm as well as the lucky law student.

Law students get experience from this and law firms get a fresh individual to look at things with a different eye.

Your position in all this is to ensure that the two, the law student and the law firm meet each other. That is your purpose as a legal recruiter.

You should not be haste in your decision. Help each party find what they need and want. This will show that you know what you are looking for as a recruiter.

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