HR jobs: What you need to know

HR jobs are available in a variety of industries within South Africa and most large companies hire HR personnel. The position that candidates can apply for depends on their qualifications and skills. HR practitioners can register with SABPP, which is the South African professional body for HR practitioners. The SABPP is also responsible for reviewing training programmes to ensure that good quality training is provided to professionals in this field. Undergraduate programmes are available for students who want to apply for HR jobs. The programmes equip students with knowledge and skills so that they are capable of performing their duties. South African universities offer postgraduate qualifications and students can complete masters or doctoral degrees. This can be a rewarding profession and human resource vacancies can be found as a HR Officer or HR Assistant.


About Human Resource Jobs:

Human resource officers provide guidance to staff within a company and they are responsible for staff welfare. Duties include designing and implementing policies with the aim of maximising the efficiency of staff. Human resource officers are involved in the hiring process and they ensure that the applicant with the most suitable skills is chosen for each job. They are responsible for organizing training for staff members and they implement development opportunities within the company. It is important for an HR Officer to have a comprehensive understanding of the company’s objectives in order to choose the right staff to meet these requirements.

HR Officers evaluate the working conditions within the company to see if improvements can be made that will enhance the performance of staff. Other areas that HR officers are involved in include remuneration issues, salary reviews, employment law and disciplinary procedures. They work closely with managers and may be required to liaise with trade union officials. Applicants for Human resources vacancies must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Other requirements for this position are the ability to work as part of a team and organizational capabilities.


An HR assistant is responsible for helping to manage staff members. Their aim is to help with recruitment, training and dismissals. HR assistants deal with grievances brought forward by staff members. This is an entry level position and it is a good way to gain experience. HR Assistants who are just starting out will have administrative duties before they are given more responsibilities. Job applicants should have a human resource degree or a degree in a related field such as psychology or business. Organizational and problem solving skills are essential for this position.

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