Airport Jobs: Awesome career opportunities

Airport jobs offer exciting career opportunities. International airports such as OR Tambo create a wide range of jobs. When it comes to OR Tambo jobs you can work as an airport fire fighter, security personnel or teller. Both entry level positions and senior level jobs are available. If you have an interest in Airline jobs, keep reading to learn more about the different opportunities in South Africa.


Working as an Airport Fire Fighter

An airport fire fighter position is a specialised career. The primary responsibility of an airport fire fighter is to ensure that the crew and passengers are taken to safety in an emergency that occurs when the plane is still on the ground at the airport. They are responsible for communicating information to the relevant departments.

If an emergency occurs, they are required to complete paperwork which details the events that took place. In an emergency fire fighters drive fire tenders and use equipment to disperse foams as well as dry chemicals.


To succeed in this career you will need to be responsible and trustworthy. Physical health and emotional stability are also required. It is important to have a calm disposition with the ability to handle pressure well. To become an airport fire fighter you will need a Fire Fighter 2 qualification.

Airport Security Jobs

Airport jobs include security positions. Airport security jobs play a vital role in ensuring the safety of crew members and passengers. Security personnel inspect and monitor passengers. They oversee the people and items allowed onto the plane.

Passengers pass through a security inspection and their bags go through an X-ray machine. Any banned or dangerous items are removed from the passenger and their luggage. Security personnel patrol the airport, respond to passenger inquiries and help passengers in emergencies.


To succeed in this career you will need to have outstanding communication skills. You will need to be able to stay calm under pressure. Reliability is another important quality that is needed to succeed in this role. To apply for these types of airline jobs you will need a high school diploma and relevant training. Experience in security will greatly increase your chances of being hired.

Teller jobs

Tellers play a vital role in the smooth running of airports. Their primary responsibility is to check passengers in to flights. As the first point of contact for most passengers it is important that tellers are helpful and friendly. Tellers play a role in creating a positive image for airlines.

Teller jobs also involve weighing baggage and providing passengers with baggage labels. They give passengers boarding passes and secure a seat number for passengers.


Another important responsibility that comes with this role is responding to passenger queries and making security inquires when passengers check in. They also make special arrangements for people with disabilities or for elderly passengers who require assistance.

Tellers work in the airport and are not required to travel. This position typically involves shift work. Teller jobs require outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Employees in this role must be able to keep calm under pressure and deal with difficult clients.

The ability to speak more than one language is greatly beneficial when you are applying for airline jobs. Airports typically serve both locals and foreigners and there is therefore a need to be able to communicate in different languages although this is not a requirement for all teller positions. A large part of this role is customer service.


To qualify for this position you will need a matric certificate and experience in customer service will increase your chances of being hired. Once you have been selected you will need to complete in-house training.

Now that you know more about the different career opportunities that are available you can start applying for airport jobs by browsing through the vacancies advertised on Job Mail. Register your CV on and apply for awesome opportunities in a field that most interests you.

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