6 Highest paying jobs in South Africa

Are you looking for a job that has a high income? If you are looking for a lucrative career, Engineering jobs are a good choice. IT jobs also have an impressive monthly remuneration. When it comes to the best paying jobs in South Africa, you should also consider Electrical Engineering jobs. Although the remuneration that a career offers is an important consideration, make sure that you also take into account your interests and skills. If you are talented in mathematics and physics, Mechanical Engineering jobs could be a viable option. Browse Job Mail, register your CV online and apply for the highest paying jobs in South Africa.


Software Developer

Software development is one of the top paying jobs in South Africa. Software Developers design programs with the aim of meeting the customised needs of an organization. They deal with data access which refers to the storage and accessibility of data. Software developers are responsible for component development which involves making sure that computer functions are operating harmoniously.  If one component is operating below its optimal functioning, it can affect all the components of the program. Another duty which is associated with this position is upgrading software so that businesses are kept up to date. As a software developer you can choose to specialise in a range of areas such as web development or multi media. Relevant courses are offered at South African universities such as UJ and Wits. Universities of Technology offer training opportunities and another option is NLink. Software Developers can find vacancies at IT companies. You could also choose to be self-employed. Freelance work is a great opportunity to build up your skills and portfolio as a developer.

Business Analyst

Another one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa, a Business Analyst reviews an organization with the aim of determining their requirements and challenges. Typically a Business Analyst is employed in the IT department. They address the business’ requirements and solve problems with IT-based solutions. Their input contributes to the efficient running of the organization which increases businesses profits. Tasks include collecting and reviewing relevant data. A Business Analyst also reviews new systems to make sure that they are working at their optimum efficiency. To become a Business Analyst you can study a Bachelors of Science degree majoring in IT. Numerous South African Universities offer relevant qualifications such as Wits and UCT.


Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineers who are employed in the automotive industry receive lucrative salaries. Other specialisations of Engineering jobs that are available to Mechanical Engineers include aircraft design and product design. Duties that are associated with this position include conducting research, analysing data as well as designing products. They may also be required to optimise the efficiency of existing devices. To excel as a Mechanical Engineer you will need outstanding maths and physics capabilities. You will also need to be a hard-worker with excellent problem solving skills. To be eligible for employment opportunities you can study a Bachelor Mechanical Engineering degree at North West University or the University of Johannesburg.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Another one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa, a Civil Engineer is hired to complete a variety of tasks which are associated with manufacturing and constructing products. Tasks associated with this position are designing, planning and maintenance work. Typically, Civil Engineers are involved with large projects such as building bridges and airports. Civil Engineers can choose to work on Transportation, Water, Construction or Environmental projects depending on their specialisation. Civil Engineers who are starting their career will typically find employment under an experienced senior member of the team. Superior Maths and Physics skills are required for this position. To become a Civil Engineer you will need to be highly skilled. You can complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town or the University of Pretoria.

Highest-paying-jobs-in-South-Africa-civil engineer

Industrial Designer

One of the top paying jobs in South Africa, an Industrial Designer is responsible for designing as well as creating various products that have a practical application. Specialisation in this field may include furniture, appliance, electronic and household designers. Industrial Designers communicate with clients, conduct market research and review market trends. Technical drawing is another task which is associated with this position. To become an Industrial Designer you can complete a three year National Diploma followed by a BTech at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Interior Designer

An Interior Designer is hired by clients to furnish and decorate the interior of buildings. They can find employment working for individual clients to design and plan the interior of residential houses. Another option is to work on commercial and industrial jobs for corporate clients. This may include hotels, offices and airports. Interior Designers meet with clients to determine the style that they require. They also plan the interior design according to the client’s practical needs. Other factors which must be considered include the room size, building architecture and the client’s budget. To become an Interior Designer you can complete a four year BA (Fine Arts) at a South African University. Another option is to train at a University of Technology.

If you are looking for the best playing jobs in South Africa, there are a range of different careers to choose from. Whether you have just graduated or you are looking for a career change, make sure that you have the right training to be eligible for a high income job. By developing your skills and gaining experience in the industry you can advance to more senior positions.

Looking for top paying jobs in your field of expertise? Register you CV on Job Mail and start applying for some of the highest paying jobs in South Africa – from Engineering jobs to IT jobs, Job Mail has it all.

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