Your path to becoming a bookkeeper in SA

Are you thinking of becoming a bookkeeper? Bookkeeping jobs are available across a wide range of industries. If you are interested in finance, this a good career to consider.

A look at the Bookkeeper Job Description

A Bookkeeper is responsible for keeping financial records. Financial records include transactions which are noted in an accounting book or on computer systems. It is important that the records are comprehensive and include all the financial transactions accurately.

working as a bookkeeper

Professionals in this field must follow bookkeeping guidelines. In larger companies it is often necessary for bookkeepers to liaise with accountants. Professionals in bookkeeping are required to check the accuracy of documents which detail payment receipts and they are also tasked with compiling financial statements.

Bookkeepers write reports for stipulated time periods. Professionals in this role use bookkeeping principles to identify and resolve problems that they come across during their duties.

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The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Relevant Bookkeeper Courses

While registration with a professional body is not mandatory, bookkeepers may choose to be part of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. If you are part of this institute you will need to abide by their code of conduct.

If you think that you have what it takes to become a bookkeeper you will need to study further. It is advisable to get a matric certificate with accounting as a subject so that you can become a junior bookkeeper. If you don’t have a matric certificate you can complete a NQF Level4 qualification before applying for jobs in this field.

institute of certified bookkeepers (icb)

Image Source: Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Website.

By completing bookkeeper courses with an accredited educational institute you can acquire a formal qualification in this field. ICB courses are offered by Institute of Certified Bookkeepers ‘(ICB) accredited training institutes. It is advisable to choose ICB courses which are part of the institute’s accredited list of organisations.

If you plan to pursue a career in Bookkeeping jobs, it is best to take mathematics, accounting and economics as subjects at school.

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Industries of Employment for Bookkeepers

All companies require a bookkeeper to keep track of their financial records. As there is a high demand for these services bookkeepers can find employment across a wide range of industries. Both part-time and full-time positions are available.

Bookkeepers may also choose to do freelance work. Freelance bookkeepers typically complete work for small businesses and individual clients. The hours that you will be required to work will depend on the size of the company and the extent of their financial records that you have to manage.

bookkeeping jobs

While bookkeepers complete basic accounting tasks they are not accountants. When compared to the role of an accountant bookkeeping comes with less training requirements and responsibilities.

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Do you have what it takes to be a Bookkeeper?

To become a bookkeeper you will need to be interested in finance. Mathematical skills are required for this position. Bookkeepers need to have high levels of accuracy as well as excellent organisational skills.

Employees in this role must be able to concentrate for extended periods. People who cope well with pressure and can work according to deadlines are suitable for this role. Problem-solving skills, high levels of accuracy and reliability are also required for Bookkeeper jobs. If you are deciding whether to become a bookkeeper or not you may also want to consider becoming an accounts clerk or an administration officer.

bookkeeper on the job

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Working Conditions and the Bookkeeper Salary

Bookkeepers typically have good working conditions. They work in an office at the company that they are employed by. Freelance bookkeepers may work from home with trips to the premises of their clients. Bookkeepers typically work traditional hours however some overtime may be required during busy periods. Freelance bookkeepers have more flexibility to set their own hours.

The average annual Bookkeeper salary is R 139 909. The hourly rate for a bookkeeper ranges between R40.24 and R 199.73. A bookkeepers’ income depends on their skills, qualifications and experience. Salaries also vary according to individual employers. Large companies in lucrative industries can typically afford to pay more than companies with smaller operations.

bookkeeper courses

Bookkeeping vacancies can also be listed as a financial administrator officer or a community scheme administrator. Gaining experience in related fields can increase your chance of being hired.

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Your path to becoming a bookkeeper in SA
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Your path to becoming a bookkeeper in SA
Are you interested in finance and thinking of becoming a bookkeeper? Bookkeeping jobs are available across a wide range of industries.
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