Tips for writing a “catchy” job advert

Do you have a vacancy and need to write job advert? We’ve compiled some tips to ensure that you get the best candidates. If you want the best applicants for your vacancy, you’ll need to include a catchy job title as well as the position’s responsibilities. Don’t forget to add the benefits of working for your company. Once you’ve crafted a compelling job advert, you can post a free vacancy on Job Mail.

Writing A Good Job Advert | Job Mail

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What are the benefits of a good job advert?

A well-written job advert is important for many reasons. It is your opportunity to attract qualified professionals to your company. Hiring the best staff has a huge impact on the productivity and success of your company. Not only does an advert help you to fill vacancies, but it is also a chance for you to showcase your company’s brand to a wider audience.

Write a “catchy” job title

When you’re deciding on a job title, aim to capture the attention of potential applicants. This is your opportunity to make your advert stand out from the crowd. A catchy title draws in applicants and entices them to read more about the vacancy. Consider the phrases that people will use to search for employment opportunities when coming up with an appropriate title.

Write A Catchy Title For Your Job Advert | Job Mail

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Highlight the benefits of working for your company

What benefits does your company offer to their employees? Emphasising the advantages of working for your company will encourage more people to apply. Understanding what your target candidate is looking for will also help you include benefits that appeal to them.

Plan the structure

You may compile the best advert but if it’s not set out well, candidates will be less likely to read it. While there is no set structure to follow, your advert should be clearly laid out in a way that emphasises the main points. Using bullet points and clear headings improve the readability of your job advert. Start by outlining the different sections you need to include and then add the essential information under each heading. Ensure that applicants understand what would be expected of them and the minimum requirements to apply for this job.

Plan The Structure Of Your Job Advert | Job Mail

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Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes

Make sure that you do a spell check on your job advert and read it over a few times to check for any mistakes. Adverts that are badly written make your company appear unprofessional, which discourages top candidates from applying.

Include a summary of the position

A good summary is designed to offer an overview of the position. You’ll need to be specific and avoid long sentences when you’re writing this section. Include action words to create an effective summary that leaves potential candidates feeling inspired.

Write A Clear Job Summary | Job Mail

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Make the requirements for the position clear

Be clear on what is required from candidates for them to be eligible for the position. List the essential requirements, such as educational qualifications and capabilities. If you require applicants to have relevant experience, include the eligibility criteria in the advert. Make sure that you separate the essential requirements from the additional qualities that would be beneficial for the applicants to possess.

Include important details

It’s important to include details such as the location of your company, contact information, reference numbers (if applicable), whether it’s a full time or part-time position, salary information, last date for applications, etc.

Include Important Company Details In Your Job Advert | Job Mail

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Now that you’ve read our tips, you can get started on compiling the perfect job advert. With the right information, a clear structure, and proper editing, you will increase your chances of finding the right employee for the position.

Once you have your job advert ready, be sure to visit Job Mail and post it for FREE online.

Tips for writing a "catchy" job advert
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Tips for writing a "catchy" job advert
Need to write a job advert? Read our blog post for some tips on how to write an effective job advert. Visit Job Mail to post your vacancy online for free.
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