Write better job ads to attract the right applicants

Looking for new staff? Learn how to write great job ads so that you attract the best applicants for your company. From focusing on the title to choosing the right structure, there are plenty of strategies you can use to grab the attention of quality candidates. Unclear and poorly written job adverts are a waste of time for both employers and jobseekers. Post a FREE job ad on Job Mail today and reach qualified candidates across South Africa.

Write better job ads to attract the right applicants | Job Mail
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What is the aim of your job ads?

Having a clear aim will help you to create the best job ad. Your ads should intend to attract the right candidates for the position. The description you write needs to communicate a clear message to suitable applicants while creating a positive image of your company. Another key intention of the ad is to discourage unqualified jobseekers from applying. Your ad also needs to make it clear what steps job candidates need to take in order to submit their application.

Pay attention to the title

The titles you put in your job ads need to be short and simple yet engaging. The title is what stands out to jobseekers and makes them read the rest of the description. The title also needs to be specific and it should be an accurate reflection of the position. If you pick the wrong title, plenty of quality candidates won’t even take the time to read your ad.

Write a clear job description

Avoid placing generic job ads. Instead, write a description that is clear and concise. Use a few short sentences and use bullet points for additional clarity. If there are special skills that applicants need to have, make sure that you include it in the description. This will help to decrease the number of unsuitable applicants that you get.

Choose the right structure

Start your job ads with one or two sentences that summarise the position. Next, include the main requirements for the job, which should provide the applicant with enough information to determine whether they want to keep reading or not. After you’ve covered these essential details, you can give a more detailed description of the position. Complete the ad with a few interesting details that encourage suitable candidates to apply. Benefits of the job and other unique selling points are perfect for this section of the ad.

Showcase your brand in your job ads

If your company is well-known, make sure that you include branding in your advert. Companies with a good reputation will attract applications from quality candidates.

Include the salary

Research shows that job ads that include a salary attract more applicants. Salary is an important consideration for all jobseekers, and this is especially true for quality candidates. Including the salary will also save you time on reading applications for candidates that are out of your budget to hire. Another benefit of adding a salary is that it encourages the best candidates who are already employed to apply for the position. If they know that they could get paid more at your company, they are more likely to switch jobs.

Mistakes to avoid when writing job ads

While understanding how to write job ads is vital for your success, you’ll also need to make sure that you avoid these common mistakes:

  • Writing short ads that don’t include the necessary information
  • Unnecessary use of technical language
  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Creating boring job ads
  • Including requirements that might go against the Employment Equity Act
Mistakes to avoid when writing job ads | Job Mail
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Now that you know how to make your job ads stand out from the crowd, you can attract quality applicants to the vacancies at your company. Post a FREE ad on Job Mail and connect with candidates across South Africa today!

Write better job ads to attract the right applicants
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Write better job ads to attract the right applicants
Are you looking for new staff? Learn how to write compelling job ads so that you attract the best candidates for your company.
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