Work in IT as a database administrator

Are you looking for IT jobs? The earning potential and opportunities for promotion make a career as a database administrator an excellent choice. From database design to maintenance tasks, there is a wide range of responsibilities that come with this position. If you are considering a position in the IT industry, read our informative blog to find out more. You can find database administrator jobs on Job Mail.

What is a database administrator?

A database contains important information that a company’s staff can access as required. Databases can be accessed both locally and internationally and need to be updated regularly with new information. A database administrator is responsible for storing and organising data with the help of specialised software. A core responsibility of this position is the maintenance of databases.

Employees in this role are also expected to ensure that the databases are operating efficiently. They are tasked with the creation and installation of database design. In addition to these duties, they are responsible for database design configuration. Other tasks associated with this position include capacity planning as well as performance monitoring. Database administrator jobs also involve user rights assignment and database safety. Data recovery is another important aspect of this role. These positions all fall under IT jobs. They help establish the log-in criteria for users and assist every employee in the company to link up with the database. They keep databases running optimally with the latest software.

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Qualifications needed to become a database administrator

To be eligible for database administrator jobs, you will need to obtain an information technology qualification. You can complete a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or Management Information Systems. It is advisable to obtain specialised qualifications. You can obtain additional certifications through on-the-job training. A post graduate degree level is beneficial when you are applying for these IT jobs. A useful certification for employees in this role includes training provided by Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server qualifications are another great option. There are plenty of universities across South Africa that offer training in IT.

Database administrator skill and competencies

To succeed in this field, you will need to be able to work quickly and stay calm when completing tasks under pressure. Organisational skills and problem-solving capabilities are also required. Accuracy and the ability to pay attention to detail are necessary. IT jobs require logical thinking and the ability to meet deadlines. An interest in technology is vital for these roles. To get ahead in this industry, you will need to be a hard worker. Database design competencies are important for this role.

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Salary expectation and working environment database administrator jobs

The average annual salary for database administrator jobs is R166 697. You can increase your earning potential by completing training in UNIX or Linux. Capabilities in Windows NT, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are associated with higher incomes. Experience in the industry also has a positive impact on salaries.

Employees in this position typically work 37 to 40 hours in a week. They work from Monday to Friday, however overtime is often required in this position. Database administrators can expect to work some weekends and may also be required to occasionally work overnight. Irregular working hours are required for maintenance work to avoid the disruption of business. These employees are also called in if an emergency occurs. Data administrators typically work in an informal environment. They work in an office but tasks can also be completed remotely from home. If these professionals are hired by a company that relies heavily on their databases, administrative tasks can come with high levels of pressure. While it is not typical for this role, travel is occasionally required.

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Relevant IT jobs

Once you have the right qualifications and experience, you can work towards becoming a senior administrator. Other career options include becoming a BI analyst or systems administrator. You could consider becoming an IT Consultant or a project manager. Database administrator positions can also be referred to as database analyst and database architect roles.

Now that you know the advantages to finding database administrator jobs, you can search online for relevant opportunities. With the right qualifications and skills, you can get your career as a database administrator off to a good start.

Work in IT as a database administrator
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Work in IT as a database administrator
Are you looking for IT jobs? The earning potential and opportunities for promotion make a career as a database administrator an excellent choice.
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