Work in Hospitality as a Food and Beverage Manager

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An undercover power player in the hospitality industry, these professionals have the remote control in their hands when it comes to the decision making out of other jobs in a hospitality career. Find out how you can enter this skilful and interesting career.

Food and Beverage Manager job description

At the heart of the job is the ability to create a harmonious balance between quality and profits- figuring out how to deliver quality goods at a low and fair price, all so that the guest is as satisfied as possible.

Food and beverage jobs will generally involve planning all operations regarding the goods in the restaurant, meaning, planning orders from multiple food and beverage vendors, arranging and tracking orders, and costing menus proposed by chefs and other staff members while upholding the set budget.

food and beverage manager

With these job functions, some common tasks that these professionals may take on throughout the course of a day include:

  • Looking over the set budget- are you and your staff hitting targets in regard to profits, following the budget, and all financial procedures?
  • Meeting with your staff- if you see any issues with the budget or procedures not being followed, you will have to manage your staff accordingly. Is the sous chef burning too many fish? Are the apples from a new vendor bruising too easily? These are all issues that you will have to identify and rectify.
  • Uphold health and safety standards- organizing health inspections and ensuring that your space passes
  • Looking over menus- here, you aren’t looking for the tastiest item on the menu, but costing each and every component to ensure that a new menu item isn’t too costly or cumbersome.
  • Taking stock- as the Food and Beverage Manager, you must know at all times, the amount of each item that you have purchased. This helps you to stay on budget by knowing when to order more or less of a product and when.
  • Purchasing goods- on a rotating basis, you will have to place orders from multiple vendors to make sure that your kitchen staff has whatever they need, whenever they need it. You must know exactly how much of what item to purchase, and how to identify a vendor that works within your budget while delivering high quality goods.
  • Reporting financials to establishment management- helping the financial manager to create financial reports and budgets to share with management.

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In which industries and work environments will you find them?

Food and Beverage Managers have a hospitality job with a lot of responsibility because of the multi-faceted aspect of the job. As the job itself is versatile, so are the industries and work environments in which these types of hospitality jobs are found.

Food and Beverage Managers are needed throughout the hospitality industry. This includes in hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, airlines, universities and in many other places.

food and beverage jobs in the hospitality industry

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What type of training is required for Food and Beverage Managers?

In order to become a Food and Beverage Manager, one will need both training and experience. A degree in most hospitality fields can suffice to become eligible for food and beverage jobs.

A culinary school degree or a degree in Food Service Management are some common degrees earned by Food and Beverage Managers and are also useful for other hospitality jobs and can put you on a path to most hospitality careers.

One can study at a traditional university, or attend a vocational school that specialises in hospitality training such as the International Hotel School with campuses in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and an online option or the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Cape Town Hotel School.

food and beverage jobs

In addition to a degree, experience also offers a wealth of knowledge in the hospitality industry. Working in a kitchen or even in finance can give you an edge in this field. Some very helpful skills to have in this field include: problem-solving, excellent organizational skills, familiarity with computers and Microsoft Excel or other inventory management systems, good budgeting and financial acumen, have good communication skills, and being able to handle multiple tasks at once.

While there are no set educational markers, those still in school who are looking to join the hospitality industry in food and beverage jobs can focus in on their mathematics to help with budgets, but also on staying up on current trends in food and beverages, and perfecting both problem solving and communication skills.

What are the career prospects and remuneration for Food and Beverage Managers?

According to PayScale, in South Africa, a Food and Beverage Manager can earn an average salary of R180,585 per year. If you will be working for a major hospitality industry company such as a hotel, you may be eligible for benefits such as medical aid.

hospitality jobs in food and beverage management

Hotel chains are always looking for a F&B manager to head up new hotels or to help out at existing ones. Campuses also need someone to keep food costs low to feed all of the hardworking students and staff. Opportunities are around, you just have to look!

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Work in Hospitality as a Food and Beverage Manager
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