Woodwork and Carpentry Jobs: About the Creative Trade

Are you looking for carpentry jobs? If you love woodwork, then this might just be the right career for you. As a professional within this career you will be able to find work in a variety of industries. The advantage to training as a carpenter is that carpenters are in demand in South Africa.

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Woodworking and Carpentry Explained

Carpenters work with different types of wood to erect and repair structures. They are also responsible for installations and renovations. The material that they work with includes plywood and wallboard. Two of the categories that form part of this trade are rough carpentry and finished carpentry.

Daily Tasks Associated with Woodworking and Carpenter Jobs

Carpenters are responsible for communicating with clients to determine their requirements. If they work on a construction site they will have to work closely with builders. This position also involves obtaining quotes and sourcing wood that matches the budget of the client. They may be required to manage staff.

An important part of being a carpenter is to assess the quality of the completed products. Tasks may include hanging doors or fitting cupboards. Carpenters could also be responsible for designing customised window frames.

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Carpenters are required to make structures at a work-bench. They can complete their duties in a workshop or at a construction site. If they are installing wooden doors or window frames, they will need to work on-site.

Although carpentry jobs can be found in the construction industry, there are also other industries that hire carpenters. Carpenter jobs are available in the entertainment industry. Theatre performance companies hire carpenters to make and maintain scenic equipment. In this position you will also be responsible for installing the woodwork scenery equipment.

Other positions in the entertainment industry can be found doing woodworking for films or television programs.

The transportation industry also provides jobs for skilled workers in this profession. Woodworking tasks are performed on trains, aircrafts and ships. Carpenters can also play a role in constructing bridges and wharfs.

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Mines provide positions for artisans in this trade. As a carpenter you could make customised furniture. Part of producing distinctive furniture is designing items that meet the needs of home-owners. There is also a need for carpenters to make furniture for companies.

Training and Education for Carpenter Jobs

Carpentry is a trade and it is therefore monitored by the Department of Higher Education and Training. If you want to be eligible for carpentry jobs you will need to write a trade test. It is important to check that the trade test you write is recognised by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.

The minimum requirements for training as an artisan include a score of 40% or above in Mathematics.

One way to become a professional within this industry is to complete an apprenticeship. This must consist of theoretical and practical components. An apprenticeship must be overseen by a qualified carpenter.

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Another pathway is to complete a learnership program which is made up of a theoretical component as well as an internship.

If you are already working in the industry you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning. The theoretical part of training to be a carpenter includes the N or NCV programmes. A National Certificate in Engineering studies is another option.

Regardless of the route you take you will have to pass an accredited trade test before you will be eligible for carpenter jobs.

Personal Traits Required for Carpentry

Before you commit to this career it is advisable to research what traits you need to ensure that you are successful.

Firstly you will need a passion for woodworking. You will also need to be good with your hands. This trade requires creativity however you will also need excellent practical capabilities. To secure a job in this field you will need to be literate with adequate knowledge of Maths.

Carpenters must to be able to work as part of a team and follow instructions. Communication skills are required for this position.


Now that you know more about woodwork and the jobs associated with it you can decide whether this is the right career for you. Once you have decided you can start your training and complete an accredited trade test. With so many different positions available for woodworking you are sure to find a position that suits your interests and skills.

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Woodwork and Carpentry Jobs: About the Creative Trade
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Woodwork and Carpentry Jobs: About the Creative Trade
If you love woodwork, then carpentry jobs might just be the right career for you.The advantage to training as a carpenter is that carpenters are in demand.
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