Why career development is vital to your success

Do you want to advance your career? Career development can boost your income and contribute to job satisfaction. You can find more information on Job Mail on great training courses to develop your career and read our blog to learn how you can further your career.

What exactly is Career Development?

Career development involves advancing your skills and knowledge so that you can increase your value to your company. The key to success is developing an appreciation for continuous learning. This means that you are always looking out for opportunities to expand your skill set and to learn more.

career development

The benefits associated with this development allows you to be more productive and supports you in earning a higher income. It plays a vital role in helping you to reach your goals and by advancing your skills and knowledge you are more likely to have a satisfying and fulfilling career. When you are constantly advancing yourself, your career will be more challenging and engaging.

The Part Career Planning Plays

Career planning is an important part of the process. In order to develop your career and enrol for courses, you need to have an idea of where you want to land up. While planning is an excellent activity for school leavers, it is also important for professionals who have already started their career.

This process can play a role in your learning and development. In order to successfully plan your career you will need to know yourself. During the planning phases consider your interests, values, strengths and weaknesses. Next explore your different career options and choose a career path that best matches your skills, interests and values.

Once you have an idea of where you are heading it is time to take action and enrol for training courses. South Africa offers stunning options, allowing you to further your career by taking part in online courses and even distance learning programmes.

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While career planning is important it is important to view it as a continuous process because as your career develops you may find that other opportunities are presented to you that you may not have considered previously.

The importance of Skill Development

Once you have some idea of where you are headed you will need to know what skills are beneficial for your career path. You can get an idea of what skills are advantageous in your industry by doing research online, reviewing job advertisements and talking to successful professionals who are in the same industry as you.

You could also talk to your manager to get advice on what areas they think you need to improve. Once you have an idea of what you need to advance your career you can start looking out for relevant skill development opportunities. Distance learning and online courses offer those who are already working a great way to further their education and develop new skills.

developing your skills and career

Remember that you can gain skills from on-the-job experience. Hands-on-learning is a great way to develop your skills and pays an important role in skill development. If you are just starting out, you can look for internships that will help you develop your skill set. You could also look for paid work that will offer you skills that are transferrable to your chosen career path.

If you are well-established in your career, you can benefit from hands-on experience too. Look for opportunities to learn something new while you are on the job by helping out other departments in the company for example. Learning and development is essential to enriching and growing your career, so avoid getting stuck in a rut by working on new tasks. Other ways to learn on the job include job shadowing as well as job rotation. You could also manage a project or work with a cross-functional team.

Look for opportunities to learn from others. During your interactions with your colleagues you can gain from their knowledge and experience too. A mentor is also a great way to increase your knowledge and advance your career. While having someone more experienced than you as a mentor offers plenty of opportunities to learn, you can also develop your skills by mentoring somebody else.

Continuing your education plays a vital role in both skills and career development. With modern technology there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career through training, with Online courses giving you the flexibility to learn more from the comfort of your own home after work hours.

distance learning training courses

Distance learning is also a convenient tool when it comes to learning and development, but if you have the time you can also attend classes and seminars. Conferences offer you a wealth of knowledge as well as networking opportunities.

Also be on the lookout for things like podcasts and webinars as it can help you keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends in your industry. For added convenience listen to podcasts on your way home from work or at the gym.

If career and skill development is something you are interested in, why not check out the awesome training courses on Job Mail? Take your career and skills into your own hands and start growing today! Ready for a new and exciting opportunity? Register your CV on Job Mail today and apply for amazing opportunities in a field that interests you most.

Why career development is vital to your success
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Why career development is vital to your success
Do you want to advance your career? Career development involves advancing your skills and knowledge so that you can increase your value to your company.
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