Join these Gauteng WhatsApp job groups today!

WhatsApp job groups are the way to go if you want to receive job notifications in an easy and hassle-free way.

Job Mail constantly strives to make it easier for jobseekers to find employment. What better way than for you to receive job listings for positions you are interested in straight to your WhatsApp!

That’s pretty great, right?

All you have to do is join the WhatsApp groups for the vacancies you are interested in and voila! You’ll receive regular updates for job openings.

Find below a list of all the WhatsApp groups in Gauteng and join the groups of your choice right now. Please note, if the group you picked is full, try the next one. The same information is shared with all the groups in your field.

If you’re having trouble opening the links while using Firefox as your internet browser, please try Chrome.

Click here to view the WhatsApp job groups for the other provinces.

Job Mail WhatsApp job groups for Gauteng

WhatsApp job groups



Latest jobs in Gauteng 1

Latest jobs in Gauteng 2

WhatsApp job groups



Administration / PA / Secretary 1

Administration / PA / Secretary 2

Administration / PA / Secretary 3

Administration / PA / Secretary 4

Administration / PA / Secretary 5

WhatsApp job groups



General Employment 1

General Employment 2

General Employment 3

General Employment 4

General Employment 5

WhatsApp job groups



Sales / Marketing 1

Sales / Marketing 2

Sales / Marketing 3

WhatsApp job groups



Finance / Accounting 1

Finance / Accounting 2

Finance / Accounting 3

WhatsApp job groups



Logistics 1

Logistics 2

Logistics 3

Logistics 4

WhatsApp job groups



Trade / Artisans / Technical 1

Trade / Artisans / Technical 2

Trade / Artisans / Technical 3

WhatsApp job groups



Tourism / Hospitality 1

Tourism / Hospitality 2

WhatsApp job groups



Retail 1

Retail 2



Building / Construction / Mining 1

Building / Construction / Mining 2

Building / Construction / Mining 3



IT / Computer

IT / Computer






Manufacturing 1

Manufacturing 2



Engineering 1

Engineering 2

Engineering 3





















Part Time / Temporary 1

Part Time / Temporary 2






Property / Facilities Management



Health and Skincare



Clearing and Forwarding




Join these Gauteng WhatsApp job groups today!
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Join these Gauteng WhatsApp job groups today!
Looking for an even easier way to get notified about new jobs? Then join Job Mail's WhatsApp job groups! Get all the details here...
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30 Responses

  1. Eunice says:

    MY WHATSAPP NUMBER IS 0644095817

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Eunice,

      Please click on the WhatsApp group you are interested in and join the group 🙂

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

  2. Movie Wood says:

    I would like to join the Gauteng Whatapp group

    • Jani Grey says:


      Just click or tap on the name of the group you are interested in and it’ll take you straight to the page where you can join 🙂

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

  3. Keitumetse marumo says:

    Please guys help me to find the job cleaning or nanny


    Biotechnology or quality control jobs

  5. Hendrik Venter says:

    Desparite looking for any work, Masters Degree, Registed Social Worker, Accredited Divorce and Family Mediator. RTL ENGLISH TUTOR, EFL English Teacher

  6. Charles says:


  7. Linda says:

    Good idea … Thanks

  8. Emihle Siphenathi Sokatsha says:

    Hey, is there a group like this for Cape Town?

  9. Morena says:

    I hope I’ll get a job

  10. amu says:

    Im looking for job

  11. Tebogo says:

    Please i need a Retail job or customer service job I’ve experience in both industries

  12. NONTOBEKO says:

    I’m looking a job around Johannesburg as a safety representative

  13. Moses says:

    How do I join the whatsApp group

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Moses,

      You just click or tap on the group you want to join. It will take you to the WhatsApp page, you just have to click/tap join.

      Kind regards,
      The Job Mail Team

  14. Sbongakonke says:

    I believe you can help me to get a job

  15. Amu says:

    Job application

  16. Andries Segotsane says:

    I am self motivated, fast learner with good communication skills and I am a good team player always willing to work with other people and I am an easy person to work with and always willing to learn new things… (Sewing machine)

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