What’s expected of a Junior Quantity Surveyor?


According to the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors, a Quantity Surveyor is an individual that works closely with architects, consulting engineers and contractors to safeguard the client’s interest.

A Quantity Surveyor works in the Engineering and/or Construction Industry, managing all costs that will have an impact on engineering and construction projects. You have to ensure that money used for these projects is calculated and used from the first to the last cent.

The average age for a Quantity Surveyor is 30. By that age, with at least between 7 to 10 years of experience, you could be earning between R20 000 and R35 000 a month. However, the job of a qualified Quantity Surveyor is different from that of a Junior.

If you are only starting out in this industry and have just completed your university qualification, what would be your typical work activities as a Junior Quantity Surveyor?

Your position would be to assist the qualified Quantity Surveyor in the following things:

  1. The coordination and assistance of the ‘build and fit’ of retail sites
  2. The preparation of tender and contract documents
  3. Assisting in undertaking cost analysis for repairs that may be required on the sites that you will be working on.
  4. Analysing the outcomes through the use of research, so that you can be able to provide detailed progress reports that will help the Quantity Surveyor advice contractors.
  5. When the Quantity Surveyor is not available, you will also need to check completed projects and arrange any payments that might be needed.

Nonetheless, as a Junior Quantity Surveyor your job description does not only end at assisting the Quantity Surveyor. This will be your chance to learn from someone who has been at the job longer than you.

However, just because you are a Junior, does not mean that you cannot give your input on certain things. You can learn, but you are fresh from university so you could be bursting with really great ideas that can make your job even simpler.

How much do Junior Quantity Surveyors earn?

Mywage.co.za estimates that as a Junior Quantity Surveyor with zero years of experience, you will be earning between R11 000 and R17 000

Quantity Surveyors are also known as Commercial Managers and/or consultants.

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    I am currently doing my B-tech in quantity survey, attending late classes from 4pm-8pm in the Tshwane University Of Technology!I have a national diploma in building sciences, studied in the Tshwane University of Technology!

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