What you need to know about working as a civil engineer

Are you interested in civil engineering? This profession offers interesting and lucrative employment opportunities. You can find out everything you need to know, from what civil engineer qualifications you need to the average civil engineer salary, by reading our blog. If you are good at problem-solving and have good interpersonal skills, find civil engineering jobs on Job Mail.

This career gives you the opportunity to play a vital role in building impressive and useful structures. Take a look at our civil engineer job description to discover what daily tasks you can expect to perform. Having a better understanding of the daily tasks will help you develop the capabilities you need to succeed in this occupation.

Ever wonder what is civil engineering? Employees in this profession are responsible for planning and organising projects, and they oversee the construction of structural and transportation systems. These job skills are listed as scarce, which increases the chances of civil engineers finding employment.

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Civil Engineer Job Description

A civil engineer job description includes designing structures such as bridges and roads. Employees in this profession offer advice on how the structure should be built and could have the opportunity to work on airports, dams and pipelines. They could also be expected to carry out research with the aim of establishing new methods that improve their profession.

Civil engineering jobs involve monitoring and guiding construction work. The engineers decide on the best materials and methods to use for the specific project that they are working on. They are responsible for upholding high standards of safety, and the stability of the structure and its functionality are priorities for these professionals.

Another important part of this position is overseeing repair and maintenance work on structures that have already been built. Their tasks include liaising with clients and working with a team of staff members. They resolve problems and report back to stakeholders on the progress of the project. It is also important for them to learn more about the most recent local regulations.

Qualifications and skills

Civil engineer qualifications typically require a National Senior Certificate as well as the successful completion of Mathematics and Science. However, entrance requirements differ between educational institutes. The University of Cape Town, University of KwaZulu-Natal, and University of Stellenbosch offer degrees in this field. To start your career, you will need to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, which will take at least four years to finish. Another option is to enrol at a University of Technology for a BTech in Civil Engineering. Once you have graduated successfully, you will need to register as a candidate engineer with ECSA. After you have gained three years of work experience, you can submit an application to become a professional engineer.

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Take a look at what job skills you’ll need to succeed in this career.

1. Accuracy

Civil engineering requires high levels of precision in order to create safe and functional structures which meet the requirements and specifications of the client. Mistakes in this profession can be costly and dangerous.

2. Interpersonal skills

Employees in this profession are required to oversee the construction process, which involves working with a team. They are also required to liaise with clients and government officials.

3. Ability to work under pressure

Civil engineers complete tasks according to strict deadlines. Adhering to a project’s deadline can involve high levels of stress as well as overtime.

4. Problem-solving capabilities

Employees in this profession need to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively. They need to resolve problems promptly without compromising the safety of the structure.

5. Computer literacy

One of the job skills that is a must-have for civil engineers is the ability to operate a computer. Civil engineering involves capturing data as well as conducting research. The planning and designing of structures also require the ability to use technology.

Salary and work environment

The average civil engineer salary in South Africa is R337 375 per annum. You can increase your earnings potential by acquiring project management skills. Civil engineers can expect to spend time indoors and outdoors. While they are generally based in an office, they can expect to travel to construction sites to oversee the progress of the structure. Site visits may require wearing protective gear and could also involve spending time in a noisy and unpleasant work environment.

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Now that you know more about civil engineering jobs and have a better understanding of what is civil engineering, you can develop the skills that you need to launch your career. With the above-mentioned civil engineer job description, you now have a good idea where to start.

What you need to know about working as a civil engineer
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What you need to know about working as a civil engineer
Find out everything you need to know about civil engineering, from what civil engineer qualifications you need to the average salary, by reading our blog.
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