What you need to know about being an electrician

Are you looking for electrician jobs? If you are physically healthy and enjoy working with your hands, this may be the right career for you. Once you have completed electrician courses and passed a trade test, you can start looking for vacancies. Read our blog to learn more about the typical electrician salary as well as the duties of these professionals. Find electrician jobs on Job Mail.

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What is an electrician?

Electricians are required to install and repair electrical systems and also complete maintenance tasks. Employees in this field typically work with wires as well as a variety of fixtures, and they use specialised tools to complete their duties. It is important for these professionals to complete electrician courses so that they know how to uphold safety regulations.

Electrician jobs are available in private homes as well as complexes. They can also find employment in factories and power stations. An electrician can choose to work as a regular electrician or may want to specialise. Engineering, construction, and mining are some of the specialisations that are available in this field. Other options include becoming an auto or aircraft electrician.

The duties that you can expect to be responsible for as an electrician include ordering supplies, testing electrical circuits, and fixing wires. Professionals in this role may be expected to read building plans and review electrical configurations. Other tasks include upgrading electrical systems and diagnosing problems. Solving electrical problems is a vital part of this role.

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Work Environment and Salary

Electrician jobs involve travelling to worksites. This may involve short or long trips. Professionals in this field are required to complete tasks indoors and outdoors. They may be expected to complete some of their duties in confined spaces or uncomfortable positions. Electricians who work in a factory may be required to wear hearing protection. They can choose to find full-time employment or they can opt to be self-employed.

Professionals in this field typically work alone but they may also oversee assistants and apprentices, while larger projects may involve collaborating with other contractors.

Electricians are in demand, which increases the chances of getting hired once you have the right qualifications. The average electrician salary is R224 919 per annum. SAP Plant Maintenance capabilities are associated with a higher income. You can also increase your earnings potential with Plant and Equipment Maintenance capabilities.

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Electrician Skills and Qualifications

You can complete electrician courses at a TVET college or a private educational institute. One option is to enrol for an apprenticeship. You could also choose to complete a learnership followed by a trade test. Suitable programs are available at Protech Training in Centurion. You can also study a relevant qualification at the AA Technical College in Johannesburg.

While gaining the right qualifications is vital, there are certain capabilities that you will need in order to complete the duties of an electrician. Take a look at the top skills that you need to succeed in this career.

1. Trustworthiness

As an electrician, you will need to offer your clients a reliable service so that you get repeat business. Working with electrical systems can be dangerous and it is important to be trustworthy.

2. Problem-solving capabilities

A large part of the duties in this profession involves detecting electrical faults and coming up with solutions to fix the problems. If you want to succeed, you will need to be good at problem-solving.

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3. Knowledge of safety guidelines

Working with electrical systems is dangerous and electricians need to uphold safety standards. Poor electrical work can put you as well as others at risk.

4. Ability to work with your hands

Electricians need to have good hand-eye coordination. Electricians are required to work with specialised tools and electrical wires, which makes it important for them to be able to work with their hands.

5. Physical stamina

Electricians spend a large part of their day working on their feet. They need physical strength to lift heavy equipment and may be required to climb ladders or work in uncomfortable positions.

With your newly geared knowledge, apply for electrician jobs with confidence or get the qualifications that you need to find employment in this industry. From the average electrician salary to the opportunities for self-employment, there are plenty of reasons to become an electrician.

What you need to know about being an electrician
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What you need to know about being an electrician
Are you looking for electrician jobs? If you are physically healthy and enjoy working with your hands, this may be the right career for you.
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