What you need for a successful career in car sales jobs

Looking for a challenging career in car sales jobs on Job Mail? Today we take a look at what these types of automotive jobs entail and what you will need to help you build a successful career.

What car sales jobs entail

A salesman is someone who has a high tolerance for rejection, is a very persistent individual who will stop at nothing to attain his or her goals, a persuasive speaker with the ability to focus on delivering results.

car sales jobs

As a car sales representative you can expect to spend most of your time trying to close vehicle sales deals. In order to get a clear understanding of the day to day duties of a salesman here is a step by step walkthrough of the process you will have to follow on a daily basis in order to close a sale. Since you will be the first point of contact for customers you will have to show each customer who walks in to the dealership the vehicles that are for sale.

In order to do this effectively you will have to have a good understanding of the vehicles you are showing and you must be ready to answer questions about each of these vehicles. You will have a much easier time doing this if you develop a genuine interest in motor vehicles.

A lot of customers will expect to test drive a vehicle before actually purchasing it in order to see whether or not they like the particular vehicle. In car sales jobs you will be expected to accompany prospective customers while they test drive vehicles.

This is another tool in your sales itinerary and you will have to use this test drive to further persuade your prospective customer to make a purchase by answering any questions that she may have while test driving the vehicle.

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If the prospective customer is still eager to purchase the vehicle after test driving it, in all likelihood this will end up as a sale. This is the part where you have to start negotiating with the customer and using sales techniques you have learnt to close the deal. If you actually took the time to know your prospective customer’s needs, budget and desires this will be an easier process to complete.

Once you have sealed the deal you can then discuss financing options with your prospective customer in order to ensure that your customer will be able to afford the vehicle without too much difficulty. All of these steps will be things you will be expected to do on a daily basis in vehicle sales jobs.

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Skills needed for a job in Car Sales

If you want to work in sales and succeed in car sales jobs there are a few skills that you will have to acquire and perfect. One of the most important skills you will need as a salesman is the ability to listen.

You have to be able to let your customer speak and be attentive enough to understand both the verbal and non-verbal things they communicate to you. Remember that in automotive jobs of this nature, the more you understand your customer the more you can put yourself in their shoes and the easier it will be to make a sale to the customer.

vehicle sales jobs

Being a good listener alone however is not enough to be great at sales jobs. In order to be able to make an emotional connection with your customers you must have the necessary empathy to be able to understand human emotions.

People are not logical creatures, we make decisions based on emotional gut calls and we try and rationalise our decisions after we have made them. This means that in order to close a sale you must appeal to a person’s emotions.

Once you have these two basic skills you will then have to work on your ability to handle objections. People will always come up with some reason why they do not want to purchase something. In vehicle sales your duty to address these objections by understanding the customer’s actual concern and trying to address it in as clear a way as possible.

Tips and Tricks for the trade

As a salesperson you should always keep in mind that people make a judgment about you within the first few seconds of seeing you. This means that your appearance and demeanour are very important. You want to exude confidence without coming off as arrogant and be professional and look trustworthy.

Remember that salesmen are generally seen in a negative light. You have to do everything possible to ensure that you make the customer feel very comfortable around you from the onset.

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Another tip you should keep in mind with car sales jobs is that people always want to be made to feel special. Make small talk but be careful not to make it too generic. Tailor your conversation to your audience this will make you seem like a genuine person who actually cares about the customer’s needs.

You can also do yourself a huge favour by brushing up on your understanding of human psychology. Believe it or not, it is not the chattiest or even the most charming who will make the most sales – it is the person who has a good understanding of human psychology and uses the information to persuade a customer to make decisions.

You can use quite a number of psychological techniques such as using urgency or scarcity in sales jobs. A practical example would be telling your customer that a particular vehicle is the last one of its kind in your store and that if the customer does not purchase the vehicle someone else will.

Other techniques you could use include to help you close more vehicle sales include mimicking your customer’s body language to enhance rapport and create more trust, and giving your customer fewer options to limit their cognitive load and help them make decisions faster.

jobs in vehicle sales

If you want to brush up on your skills as a sales person I would recommend that you read more about psychology and particularly about the 25 cognitive biases that influence our decision making. This will help you get a better understanding of the process that people use to make decisions. Once you understand this process you can start applying it and tailoring your sales pitch to exploit this process to your advantage.

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What you need for a successful career in car sales jobs
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What you need for a successful career in car sales jobs
Looking for a challenging career in car sales jobs on Job Mail? Today we take a look at what these types of automotive jobs entail.
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