What Sets the Best Public Sector Managers Apart?

Go out into your local community and ask the members who they would regard as the great leaders of their generation: some are likely to mention a certain political party, some will mention Nelson Mandela, and others might even name their pastors or priests.

But did you know that public sector employees are the ones who dig deep and get their hands dirty in the hopes of trying to improve people’s communities? And who is supporting and guiding them? Their managers! Public sector managers are the ones making sure that communities’ needs are met, that public sector employees are properly equipped to do their jobs, and that high-level strategic plans are properly implemented at community level.

Public Sector Management

There are a few qualities that set the best public sector managers apart from the rest:

They serve everyone: The best public sector managers are not only service-oriented, but they are also willing to serve everyone, including their employees and their community members. Furthermore, they respect the constitutional values of human dignity and equality, and they make sure to treat everybody fairly.

They overcome obstacles to get the job done: In the public sector, there will always be obstacles to overcome. Public sector managers are, for example, often on the receiving end of anger and bitterness expressed by organisations and individuals who feel that their needs are not being met. The best public sector managers, however, find a way to overcome the obstacles that they face in order to achieve their goals.

They take personal responsibility: Working in public sector management often involves high levels of responsibility. And successful public sector managers are always willing to be held accountable for their actions (and sometimes even for the actions of their employees). They don’t place the blame on others, and they don’t make excuses for their mistakes.

They do the right thing: It’s easy to do the right thing when people are watching your every move, but it takes real strength and integrity to do the right thing even when no-one is watching. The best public sector managers have the integrity to do the right thing, even when there is no-one to check up on them.

They don’t ignore anyone: The best public sector managers maintain open lines of communication with colleagues and other relevant stakeholders. They don’t come across as intimidating, and people feel comfortable coming to talk to them, or to suggest new projects and ideas to them.

Public sector managers play a vital role in building up our communities, ensuring that public resources are managed effectively, and planning ahead to make sure that the country’s future needs will be met.

If you care about the community, and you think you have what it takes to become a successful public manager, then you should consider studying toward a course that will prepare you for a career in this direction. Click here to find out more about the public sector courses that are available in South Africa.

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