What it takes to be a Diesel Mechanic in South Africa

Are you mechanically minded and hard working? Why not consider a career as a diesel mechanic? With the right skills you can complete diesel mechanic courses and training and start looking for vacancies. From oiling parts to repairing engines, there is a wide range of tasks associated with diesel mechanic jobs. The problem-solving aspect of this role makes a career in this field interesting.

The Diesel Mechanic Job Description

According to PayScale the average diesel mechanic salary is R220 933 per annum. A diesel mechanic is tasked with servicing and repairing vehicles. They work on diesel engines to ensure that the engine is operating at its optimal efficiency. They also work with transmissions, brakes and suspensions as well as other mechanical parts.

sa diesel mechanic jobs

Professionals in this field can choose to specialise in passenger vehicles or buses. Other options for specialisation include trucks, bulldozers and tractors. Diesel mechanic jobs in South Africa can be found in the transportation industry. They also play a vital role in the construction industry repairing cranes and other machinery.

Vacancies are available at automotive workshops. In this context the mechanic is tasked with repairing 4x4s and bakkies. Once you have gained the necessary experience and skills, you may want to open your own automotive workshop. Diesel mechanic jobs involve routine checks of vehicles to ensure that all the parts are in good condition.

Regular services ensure that vehicles operate at their maximum efficiency as well as helping to prevent costly break downs. Employees in this role are tasked with identifying faults and problem-solving.

They use a wide range of tools to complete their tasks. Screwdrivers and welding equipment are just some of the required equipment. Pneumatic tools are also required. Mechanics in this field maintain and repair engines as well as take on the responsibility of greasing and oiling parts when required.

diesel mechanic jobs

Other tasks that are associated with this position include ordering parts and filling in job cards. Experienced mechanics also help to train learners.

Diesel Mechanic Courses and Training

As a trade this occupation falls under the guidelines of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The National Artisan Moderation Body regulates this profession. In order for you to work as a diesel mechanic you will need to pass a trade test at an accredited national trade centre.

The minimum entry requirement for training is at least 40% in mathematics in Grade 9. A National certificate is also acceptable. Diesel mechanic training involves an apprenticeship with a qualified professional followed by a trade test.

The apprenticeship is made up of a theoretical, practical and workplace segments which are completed simultaneously. Another option is to complete the theoretical and practical components before completing your training with an internship.

training and courses for diesel mechanics

If you are already working as an artisan you can apply for recognition of prior learning. You can also choose to complete a diesel mechanic course as part of a learnership. Relevant options are offered by FET colleges in South Africa. The AA Technical College and Rankin Training Solutions are other options. Relevant courses are also offered at the Olifantsfontein Centre.

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Skills and characteristics of a Diesel Mechanic

To succeed as a diesel mechanic you need to be good at working with your hands. People who are mechanically minded are best suited to this position. This role requires hard-working and observant employees. Problem solving capabilities are essential.

Mechanics in this field need to be self-motivated and trustworthy. Professionals in this role have to be able to communicate with customers. They are required to gather information from the customer about the issue that the vehicle is having. They also need to explain the work that they have carried out on the vehicle.

The complexity of repairing vehicles requires excellent attention-to-detail and concentration. As diesel mechanics work with their hands to operate tools and deal with small parts, good hand-eye coordination is required for this role. Take a look at the list below to see a summary of the personal attributes and skills that you will need to succeed in this career.

  • Hard-working
  • Observant
  • Dexterity
  • Mechanical knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Trustworthy
  • Self-motivated

A diesel mechanic can also be referred to as a field service technician, diesel electrical fitter or a truck mechanic. This position is listed as a scarce skill which means that trained professionals in this field are in demand.

Once you have completed your training and developed the right skills you can start applying for relevant positions. Browse Job Mail and find great diesel mechanic jobs to apply for online. Register your CV and get started today!

What it takes to be a Diesel Mechanic in South Africa
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What it takes to be a Diesel Mechanic in South Africa
Are you mechanically minded and hard working? From oiling parts to repairing engines, there is a wide range of tasks associated with diesel mechanic jobs.
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Job Mail
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