What is human resources and what does the job involve?

Interested in Human Resources jobs on Job Mail? Today the Job Mail team takes a look at everything from what HR is and the human resources job description, to the type of qualifications and training required for the profession.

What is human resources?

One of the most important resources any company has is its human resources. Without the human element even the most technologically driven company would not be able to function adequately. The human element is the single most important resource any company has as it determines the company’s productivity and operational ability. Because of the importance of the human resources to a company’s operations, companies have created a human resources department to help source, filter and keep quality employees.

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The HR department in companies tends to be a front facing department. This means that if you want to work in human resources you will be expected to be able to interact well with a lot people and you will be expected to have the capacity to analyse human behaviour, spot talent and any character deficiencies that may have an adverse effect on a potential employee’s work performance.

Human resources job also requires professionals to help keep people motivated. We live in a world filled with opportunities, and companies must take extra care to ensure that they maintain their best and brightest employees in order to remain competitive in the business spaces.

Human Resources Job Descriptions

The human resources job description consists of a number of tasks. As stated in the previous paragraph one of the core functions of human resources is sourcing new talent. Working in human resources you will be expected to work with the hiring manager to set up and post advertisements for vacancies. You will need to specify the requirements expected from each candidate depending on the role the candidate is applying for.

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Human Resources will also act as the first filter for talent applying for a particular role. For large companies with hundreds of applicants per vacancy this can be a monotonous and time consuming process. However, with the advent of technology and machine learning, companies use Applicant Tracking Systems and other machine learning back tests to help filter incoming applicant curriculum vitaes. These technologies help Human Resources predict which candidates are more likely to succeed in a particular job.

Once filtering has been done, human resources will be expected to perform numerous tasks to ensure that employees stay motivated and perform to their fullest potential. These tasks associated with human resources jobs include:

  • coordinating employee training to make sure employees stay up to date with current technologies,
  • formulating performance incentives to encourage employee performance, and
  • resolving any disputes that may arise between employees or between the employer and the employee.

All of this is done to keep quality talent from leaving and to make sure that employees are performing to their fullest potential.

The Human Resources department also has the duty of ensuring that the company remains compliant with labour regulations and best practices as they develop. You will therefore as an employee under the human resources department have to stay up-to-date with labour laws governing your jurisdiction.

human resources job description

HR Courses and Qualifications

If you would like to get into human resources there are quite a few paths you could consider taking. You could opt to pursue the University route by getting a degree in Human Resource Management, Psychology or any business related degree.

Although a degree is generally not a requirement, particularly for entry level positions it will certainly increase your odds of getting a job in that space. As an alternative you may pursue HR courses from an institution of your choice.

The UNISA Centre for Business Management (CBM) for example offers a Diploma in Human Resource Management that helps you get a position in HR. In some cases companies will also employ individuals who have psychology degrees. Majoring in psychology will help you get a solid understanding of the psychological motivations that govern human behaviour. This will help you become a good human resources employee.

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Damelin also offers some HR courses, you may want to look further into either of these institutions to find a course that matches your needs and schedule. As with all professions, finding an internship could help make your path into HR a lot easier.

There are quite a number of HR internships open to recent graduates in companies such as Amazon, Coca Cola, Tiger Brands and Liberty. You just need to show initiative, an active interest in HR and good grades and you will be on your way to securing an internship that could help you get into HR.

Salary and Work Environment

As an HR employee you can expect to work in an ever changing environment that constantly offers you challenges that will help you grow in your career. In addition to this, if you are a people person you will definitely enjoy building relations and communicating with different people on a regular basis.

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HR is a very people centric department, if you decide to work in human resources you will definitely also need an extra dose of empathy to be able to relate to and find solutions to problems employees face.

Working in this field, the human resources salary expectations will be very broad and will depend largely on your title, qualifications and level of experience. As a human resources’ consultant you can expect to earn a salary of around R232 051 per year. This salary goes up once you get the title of human resources manager. Once you get this title you can expect to earn an average or R317 779.

If you are ambitious enough to move up the career ladder you may find yourself in the position of a director of human resources where you can expect to earn an average of R879 156 per annum. As you can see HR salaries are very good. If you stay long enough in the industry, get experience and work towards a clear goal you can earn a very good salary after some time.

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