What does the modern boss expect?

The pressures of work have changed dramatically since the 1900’s. Wouldn’t you agree? Back in the day there weren’t mobile phones and to find an employee with a trained carrier pigeon wasn’t an easy task.

Today, all the modern boss has to do is turn on the cameras and see what you are actually up to, he can even check what sites you are on thanks to a single programme, he kindly gives you a cellphone that has a tracker installed so he can track your every move and don’t forget the fact he can access all your emails and instant messages at any time.

The age of the Big Brother is far from over and technological innovations as well associal mediaare his best friend. Technology and social media has allowed him to find out more about who you are and what you are all about.

Although some critics may argue that the modern bosses are not as ruthless as Julius Caesar, this is probably true, to the most part. However, this does not mean that the modern day bosses expectations are as high as or even higher than the boss of a hundred years ago. If anything the modern day bosses expectations have grown exponentially.

So what are you as the job seeker/ employee doing to make sure you meet these outlandish expectations of the modern boss?

It is vital to make sure you meet your future bosses’ or current bosses expectations by addressing and meeting the brief. So if he wants you to work overtime and you are not prepared to, then you need to make this clear from the first meeting.  It is important to always make sure you have a solution. So even though you are not prepared to work overtime what are you going to do in order to make sure projects are fulfilled during the specified deadlines? You could suggest that you will come in earlier on a Monday morning when no-one is in the office as you can get more work done as you are able to concentrate better in a quiet environment. By providing a solution your boss will be happy to see that you care for the organisation and are willing to meet his expectations.

Man’s new best friend and for some women their newly adopted boyfriend, the cellphone has also made the modern day bosses expectations greater.  Now because of your mobile he may expect you to answer your email even when you’re on leave.  The question is: “how do you create a “Work. Life, Balance,” while still meeting unbelievable demands, after all you’re not a magician! The answer is simple, you lay the law down from the beginning, you don’t mind answering emails after hours but you will not do this on the weekends, public holidays or while you are on leave. You make it clear that this is your time and no amount of money can take time away from you being the family man, boyfriend or brother your family needs you to be. Chances are he will respect you for being honest and he might just say: “Thanks for letting me know.” I wouldn’t expect that of you either, as I have a family too and I know how precious that time is.”

We hope this post helped to bring you back to earth. In the midst of our chaotic lives we need to remember that expectations are high but we have the power to make sure these expectations are achievable.

From the wise words of Steve Jobs, “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Join the conversation on our Job Mail Facebook Fan Page where you will meet like-minded fans who come to the page for their dose of motivation and are also in searchof their dream job.

Be excellent in yourself and expect nothing less from others!

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