What does a marketing coordinator do?

Have you ever wondered what a marketing coordinator is? This blog will share a lot about being a coordinator, explaining in detail what is expected of professionals in these types of marketing jobs. At the end of this post, I hope to have encouraged you to apply for exciting jobs in marketing on Job Mail.

What is a Marketing Coordinator?

A marketing coordinator has a vast list of responsibilities within a company. Different companies expect different things from their Coordinators; this is heavily dependent on the line of business for that specific company. A general idea of their responsibilities is that they act as intermediates between all the marketing professionals of a company and their goals.

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They are aware of the goals the company wishes to achieve. Working with multiple teams they formulate strategies to be used in order to get to the goals of the company. They are responsible for heavy research for ways to optimise marketing tasks to achieve the goals. Like with other marketing careers, keeping up with trends and social media for the latest ways to achieve marketing goals are essential.

Training and skills needed of a Marketing Coordinator

The minimum academic requirement for a marketing coordinator is National Senior Certificate or Grade 12. Some companies employ candidates without any experience and take it upon themselves to train them. It is always to the advantage of the applicant to have any marketing related qualifications, offered at most of the tertiary institutions in South Africa. To qualify for a BCom Degree in Marketing, one needs to have done well in their language and maths subjects in school.

Communication skills are vital for all marketing job. A lot of the times a Marketer is responsible for portraying information. This could be findings from their research or convincing clients to buy from the company.

Responsibilities of a marketing coordinator include accomplishing organisational goals, tracking sales and marketing costs, supporting sales staff with information to help close deals and researching competitive products.

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Other skills that are vital or could put you above the rest are reporting research results, marketing research, understanding customers and financial skills. It is not only limited to these, but they’ll surely get you noticed when applying for jobs in marketing.

Reporting is a major part of the tasks of a marketing coordinator. They conduct a lot of their duties in the background, analysing data and constructing logical information from their findings to support their strategies. This is due to the shift of interest in the marketing industry to be more data-driven.

This resulted in more precise findings and better decisions concerning the directions taken by companies to grow. With that said, data presenting becomes very important an insight into good presentation tools at your disposal, like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Leadership skills are also a plus. Marketing coordinators work with a lot with smaller teams in the organisation, with the intent to make the strategies clear to them to achieve the bigger company goals. With the right people and communication skills, this will be done easily and swiftly.

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Work Environment and Salary

Marketing careers are very competitive; Marketing Coordinators are driven to be the first to formulate a working strategy. They’re full-time employees, working normal working hours 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday with overtime encouraged for busy times.

Marketing Coordinators are responsible for conducting meetings a lot, reporting their findings from the research they’ve conducted. They may travel a lot for meetings; also traveling for seminars is also a norm for Marketers. for purposes of gaining knowledge about what is trending in their field also for ideas shared by other marketers.

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As said above, this is a very competitive field with a lot of contenders; the marketing industry in South Africa is blooming with up and coming companies looking to differentiate themselves from the rest. These companies include the likes of Red September, Clockwork Media, Digital Marketing Management, these are just a few of the companies.

On average according to Payscale the salary of a marketing coordinator is R 172 149 per annum. Experience plays a very strong role in the determination of a Coordinator’s salary. Web Content Managers and Branding specialists are people that companies are willing to pay a lot for.

On average after about 10 years working as a marketing coordinator, most people move higher on the corporate ladder due to the gained experience.

Marketing and marketing careers offer a range of exciting opportunities. If you are amped to kick-start your career, register your CV on Job Mail and apply for marketing jobs online.

What does a marketing coordinator do?
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What does a marketing coordinator do?
This blog will share a lot about being a marketing coordinator, explaining in detail what is expected of professionals in these types of marketing jobs.
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