What do Pharmacists in South Africa earn?


A Pharmacist is an individual who is responsible for the supply of quality medicine to patients. He or she also ensures that the medicine given to patients is within the law.

You also need to be registered with the South African Pharmacy Council (SACP) to work as a Pharmacist in South Africa. The SACP is a recognised institution that was created specifically for the pharmaceutical profession.

The SACP ensures that Pharmacists in South Africa provides pharmaceutical services of acceptable standards, and that South African Pharmacists are professional, ethical and competent.

As a Pharmacist you will be working in different areas and environments. These can include a retail store in a community, a cosmetic store in a mall or shopping centre, a hospital pharmacy, a prison and/or universities, etc.

The role of a Pharmacist in the medical field is broad. There are different roles in the Pharmaceutical department and together they help get patients the right medicine they need to get well. Depending on your level of qualification, each Pharmacist earns a different salary.

Gross monthly salary for: A Pharmaceutical Chemist

A Pharmaceutical Chemist is responsible for drug formulations. They work with newly discovered medicine, in which they analyse the medicine’s chemical properties, to make sure that patients receive medicine that is effective and not toxic in any way.

The average age for a Pharmaceutical Chemist is 32. The field is mostly dominated by males. At the age of 32, you will be earning between R30 000 and R32 000 as a Pharmaceutical Chemist- provided you have at least between 15 and 25 years’ of experience.

Gross monthly salary for: A Retail Pharmacist

The average age for a Retail Pharmacist is 36 years and this field is mostly dominated by females. To apply for a job as a Retail Pharmacist, you have to be registered with the SACP.

Your duties will include the filling of prescriptions for patients and supervising the Pharmacist Technician to provide patients or customers with the right medicine.

At the age of 36, with experience of about 20-25 years in the field you will be earning a monthly salary between R35 000 and R40 000.

Gross monthly salary for: A Pharmaceutical technician

Pharmacy Technicians work very closely and under the supervision of the Retail Pharmacist. Their duties include providing patients with prescribed or over-the-counter medicine. They also provide healthcare information to other medical professionals and patients.

The average age for this position is 31, and at that age you will be earning a salary between R12 000 and R15 000, with experience of about 10 to 15 years. This field is mainly dominated by females.

Please note that these are only estimated earnings, and they depend on certain experience as well as qualifications.

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