View from the Top (PG-13)

It is time to wind down from a big week of updating your Job Mail CV to 100% with an inspiring job related movie. This week’s job related movie is View From the Top. It’s about following your dreams no matter what your situation may be. If flying a plane all around the world, learning different languages and meeting interesting people appeals to you, then so will todays film.

View from the Top is about a hopeful air hostess named Donna Jensen (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), her life’s aim is to make it big and finally see what it means to be successful. Despite the odds, Donnamakes sure she lives up to her icon and does everything she can possibly do to become a flight attendant. This inspiring comedy shows that a little ambition can go a long way.  Donna worked hard and eventually got a job for a small airline called, Never Come Back. She eventually makes her big break with a well acclaimed air company, Royalty Airlines, this is where things begin to get tricky for Donna and she needs to start making some big decisions. Donna struggles to reach the “view from the top” as now she has to choose between her career or a possible love interest. To find out whether Donna chooses love or fortune, we suggest you watch the movie and find out.

Maybe you think being a flight attendant is just about serving drinks and asking the same questions over and over again. Flight attendant duties so much more than pleasing passengers basic needs. Have you realised that these men and womango to great lengths to make sure that you are safe and secure while you are in the sky. Before the aircraft takes off, flight attendants attend a safety briefing with the pilots. During this briefing they go over the locations, review a safety and emergency checklists. The weather conditions are discussed before take-off to prepare for any anticipated turbulence. If you have always wanted to see what it feels like to travel all over the world then flight attending may just be the career move for you. If you have a strong personality, exceptional social skills and an aptitude to learnthen why not apply for an air hostess position on Job Mail by clicking this link. If you are afraid of heights and a flight attendant job is not your thing, then why not consider being a hostess for a hotel? Then please click this link for other hostess jobs on Job Mail.

If you have not yet updated your Job Mail online CV, your work has just began! In order to appeal to recruiters and employers during this advanced technological age you need to have an up-to-date Online CV that reflects the 100% you. If your CV is only 50% complete you run the risk for never being found and this is why most of you are probably still battling to find a job. At 50% your CV is inactive and this means that your half completed brand is merely sitting on our database without anyone being able to see it. You have the power to make your brand attractive to employers just by taking the time to complete your CV today. Put the hard work in today, so you can have a bright future tomorrow.

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For now – hasta la vista – adios – arrivederci – Au revoir – Aufwiedersehen-  salakahle and salamaleikum from the Job Mail Movie Review Crew. By Martina Brenner

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