How to use social media to improve your recruiting skills

IT-Recruitment-AgenciesThe way social media has become an everyday norm, it is now hard to imagine what it would be like without social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They help businesses, small or big; interact and network with existing clients and potential clients.

As an IT recruitment agency, you are positioned at the centre where you have to bring companies and candidates together. In some way, both parties are your clients. To ensure that they remain connected to your company you must please them both, because when they are not happy with your services, social media platforms can easily turn into a nightmare.

An irate candidate, can easily ruin your brand’s online reputation with just a click and a comment. You cannot block them or ignore them, because doing so will only lead you to losing potential clients.

You need to communicate with them so that they feel assured that their problem wasn’t just overlooked and that it was a misunderstanding that could have been avoided.

How do you know what people think of your recruitment agency? Your reputation out there? How do you keep track of the good or bad reviews from your candidates? Whether good or bad, a review helps you know what you need to do more of and what needs to be improved.

Candidates are fuelled by the simplest things. They require your services because they need a job. And when people are job hunting, they expect that you will assist them in every way possible until they get a job.

If displeased by your services, they will go online and spread the feud. You need to keep track of the good comments as well as the bad. In both instances, you need to interact with your clients, respond to their worries and even their bad comments.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Keep track of your online activity. You are probably using social media networking sites to communicate with your existing clients by posting or tweeting new available jobs. It should not end there.As a recruitment agency, you should also give candidates advice on job related issues, so that they can also better their skills and eventually land and retain a job. You can also frequently wish them luck so that they also feel that there is someone backing them up in their job hunting.
  2. Every bad review should be followed through. Try by all means to find out what happened, who was involved and ways you can make it better for the candidate so that they can either come back or feel calmer about the situation.
  3. Show gratitude for every good comment you get. Just as it says. If someone says thank you on social media, acknowledge the good comments. It’s good for your recruitment agency’s reputation, your clients and the candidates.

Nevertheless, the internet is anybody’s playground. If you take control of your position, you are at the front line of controlling the situation. Use social media to involve yourself within the community you operate in.

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