Use RPL to get a recognised qualification

If you have been working 3 to 5 years in a certain line of work and have in the process acquired skills, knowledge and experience but don’t have a specific qualification to prove it, then you are the right candidate for doing an RPL.

What is RPL you ask? Well, RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. According to SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority), “Recognition of Prior Learning is the process whereby through assessment, credit is given to learning which has already been acquired in different ways.”


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a way for you to achieve competency in a whole or partial qualification through demonstration of your existing skills, knowledge and experience.

Say what?

The RPL tests your knowledge and skill against the unit standards of a known NQF qualification.  If you are competent in all of the unit standards of the qualification you will basically be certified / acknowledge for that qualification and be awarded a certificate of competence.

Oh cool!

This will drastically cut down on both study time and costs.

How so?

Well, if you are certified to have 50% of the knowledge and experience of a full qualification, you basically only have to do the other 50% in order to get the full qualification…thus doing less studying and in the process paying less money towards studying.

So…if you have gained knowledge and experience in your current job, then don’t write off your skills – consider getting them recognised.

For more information you can contact any SAQA and SETA acknowledged Training Provider or College.  Alternatively you can contact the SETA of the Industry you are looking to work in (ie. CETA is for Construction Industry etc).  For a list of all the SETA’s please visit

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    Thanks for this very important info. Please clarify me in terms of those candidates who woul like to go for RPL but alredy have some recognised qualifications and youth in particular. Thanks,God Bless!!!

    • Dear Sir/Madam,


      thanks very much.

  2. Johan Smith says:

    I am interesred in the RPL program. I will contact SAQA and SETA to get the correct CETA, but if there is anymore information I need, please let me know immediately

    Kind Regards
    Johan Smith

  3. Sthembiso L Nsuntsha says:

    I’m a young matriculated person,have an NCS scineor sertificate.could nt go to high education level via the finacial crises!so to do CONFECTIONERRY for living,iv been in the baking industry for 3 and half years now!I wish to atted high aducational level,so to try to do savings,I’m pleasing if ever there is any opportunity in any baking industry please notify me. SEEK JOB:Sthembiso L Nsuntsha.

  4. Sthembiso L Nsuntsha says:

    I founded jobmail so interesting,I’m using it offten,with hope that one day it will help me.

  5. vernon says:

    I would like more info on which i can apply for.



  6. Themba says:


    I have close to five years in retail marketing and have been a sales consultant in the past two and a half then i lost my job and ever since I have not managed to get another job so basically I want to find out if it is possible to go for that course with that one year gap in between and how can i get more information.

  7. andries says:

    hi thank you for advise for RPL training i am a boilermaker and my company cheated on me and lied about my trade test 5 years ago i am a good artisan but not trade tested because my company doesnt want to write me a letter as reference to indlela for trade test and i have 8years working in these field some of the jobs i have found here in jobmail please help me to get more info and contacts for these certificate

  8. Stanley C. Mtyanda says:

    Thank you for the information regarding Recognised Prior Learning, I didn’t know how to go about it and now I do. I have an incomplete diploma I want recognised.

  9. Elvis Malomane says:

    this website has given me good info.

  10. DORAH SEKOMA says:

    I want to study creche management what is the procedure

  11. sarah says:

    Would like more info. Did contact someone regarding NQF qualification and got no response. I reside in Queensburgh, Malvern, Pinetown areas. Where is the closest Seta office?

    Your response will be highly appreciated

    Cell 082 925 3846

  12. Ouma Mothiba says:

    To whom it my concern

    I have achieved my goals in my Computer Literacy and have experience in Census 2011.I am interested in expanding my professional horizons by seeking new challenge in the area of administration, retail (cashier) or office support. I am interested in a position with your firm and have enclosed my resume for your review and consideration.
    As a team member of your organization I can provide:
    *Efficiency,reliability,accuracy with numbers.
    *Maturity,honesty,ability to look at challenges as opportunities.
    *I have ability in customer services and still need to learn more.
    *Ability to develop and work as a team.
    My objective is to establish a time when we can meet to discuss my talent, professionalism and enthusiasm will add value to your operation.
    Thank you for your consideration.I look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Ouma Mothiba

  13. arnold mashele says:

    iam a teacher with 22years of experience i was studying towards my hons degree in natural science passing one module out of five may be i can get assistance due to financial constraits.


  14. Mapule Mathebe says:

    I have study Business Management, secretarial & Office Management. I’ve worked 23 years in the company. I used to be the secretary for the executive managers and there were politics amongst them and some expected me to site with then. I suggested to be transfed to marketing but they transfered me to Packaging department.I thought that maybe they inder estimate my qualifications, because of my kids to be supported, I am working there. Please help me in assersing my skills please.

  15. wilfred s gwala says:

    Oh wow that is very great news since I never pass my matric but now how can I get help cos I do have small certificates to introduce but problem is no one is willing to hire me.can u you please help.where is the nearest SETA your respond will be much help. Regards Wilfred-0789004115

  16. Mr Rambo says:

    Thanks for the info.

    I have attained significant experience out of my profesional field.

    I hope this works 🙂

  17. zandi mamba says:

    Hi I used to work at salon I would like more info on which i can apply for thnx GODBLESS

  18. andries says:

    Hi I am a boilermaker I reside in Pretoria I want trade test through rpl do you have any contact that I can call my employer doesn’t want to help me

  19. Mike Nkosi says:

    I would lyk to do the RPL but I dont know where to start. I have two diplomas one Computer Sec and other HRM and currently doing Diploma in Safety Management. I need someone who can show or direct me how to get started with the RPL qualification, I’ve been Volunteering as Office Administrator/ Admin Clerk since 2008 February at School.

  20. Mike Nkosi says:

    If is there anyone who can help me get any position or job at any industry pls help. I can take any challenge as long as I’m going to the right direction, cause now I’m tired of working for nothing.

  21. Nerinaa says:

    Hi I have been working in the customer care enviroment for 15 years in accounts debtors and face to face can you please forward me more details please my number is 0748867059

  22. collin lesiba says:


    thank u for sharing that important information with us.can you please provide me with information on where can i find assistance to register for general management nqf level 6 as i have been competant in level 3,4 and 5



  23. Prince Dlamini says:

    Is this proggram suitable for companies who are doing seta trainings or is just an individual thing?

  24. Denzil Struckmeyer says:

    I have over 40 years experience in construction and would like to obtain some sort of recognition
    Please provide contact details

  25. tshepiso says:

    I hv driving experience bt i dnt hv licence nd im desperate for a job

  26. Md Khairul islam says:

    I am RPl Level 01 complete

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