Update the ‘Career Goals’ section on your Job Mail profile

The Job Mail CV format has changed and job seekers who have their CV’s in the ‘Career Goals’ section are encouraged to update their profiles to the new format. If you are one of those job seekers who have copied and pasted their CV’s into the ‘Career Goals’ section, log in  to your Job Mail profile right now and replace your CV with a 400 word Career Goal motivation.

Career Goals

This is an opportunity to convince your next employer that you might be the ideal candidate for their position. Keep the text as short as possible in order to make the biggest impact! Do NOT enter your full CV details here, instead complete ALL the fields on your Job Mail profile and let Job Mail build a CV for you.

Make sure that your Career Goals motivation is written with passion. A good Career Goals motivation tells the employer why you have the right skills, qualifications, experience and ambition to do the job.  This is also a good time to mention your willingness to succeed and how this job will make sure you meet your career goals. This is where you mention what your career goals are, so list all your goals so that the employer who is looking at your CV understands how this job will be the turning point of your career.

Here’s an example of how to complete the ‘Career Goals’ section on Job Mail:

“I am looking for a position where I can demonstrate how valuable I can be in an office environment, especially one where performance under pressure matters. Not only am I a speedy typist (120 words per minute), I am very efficient in my tasks. I am well versed in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as the ability to perform effective database queries.”

Here’s an example of how NOT to complete the ‘Career Goals’ section on Job Mail:

Career Goals 3

To update the ‘Career Goals’ section on your Job Mail profile, make sure that you’re logged in and click here (if you’re using a PC) or click here (if you’re using a mobile phone) to start the process. If you’re struggling with updating this section or experience any technical difficulties, please e-mail our Webmaster for assistance.

Watch this space for regular updates for Job Seekers on the Job Mail Blog.

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  1. Tshepo says:

    She rep representative.And 15ton mobile crane operator.

  2. thabang says:

    Am qualifified dumptruck operator(lhd)and scoop

  3. Jim Mabe says:

    I am a qualified safety officer(SHEOMTRAC) and lhd scoop operator, also qualified traffic law enforcement officer.

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