Unique Mechanical Engineering jobs out there

A Mechanical Engineering qualification can offer job seekers a plenitude of employment opportunities in a variety of sectors. Diesel mechanic jobs offer lucrative positions. Mechanical Engineers can also apply for Artisan jobs.


A Mechanical Engineering Degree gives graduates knowledge in an extensive range of subjects including maths, technology and business. Professionals with this degree have a comprehensive skill set which increases their chances of being hired. Problem solving skills and creative abilities are transferable to a broad range of positions. Analytical and communication skills are also beneficial when looking for a job.


While Mechanical Engineers are in demand in the automotive and manufacturing industries, there are other unique positions available. Professionals, who want to explore other opportunities, can find jobs in the IT or finance industry. Positions for patent agents are a lesser known career option for Mechanical Engineers. This position entails researching and examining patent applications.


Another uncommon position for Mechanical Engineers is working as an Oil and Gas Driver. This job involves inspecting rigs and overseeing instalments. Another responsibility of this position is welding underground pipes. A job as an Oil and Gas driver requires the employee to spend extensive periods on oil rigs. Positions can be found in the Middle-East.


Roller Coaster Engineer positions offer a unique employment opportunity. Engineers in this position will work at theme parks. Duties include designing and building roller coaster rides. Repair and maintenance responsibilities are included in this position.


Aerospace Engineer jobs offer professionals an exciting career. Duties include researching and designing aircrafts. Developing and maintaining aircrafts are other responsibilities associated with this position. Aerospace Engineers can also work with weapon systems, satellites as well as space vehicles. The aim of an Aerospace Engineer is to increase the safety of aircrafts. The fuel efficiency of the aircraft is another important consideration.


Whether you are looking for a traditional engineering job or a unique position, you can find a wide range of Mechanical Engineer jobs on www.JobMail.co.za.

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    I am a qualified mechanical engineer . i am looking for an entry job i have a Bsc mechanical engineering . my cell is 0782634977. email: prosperweapons@gmail.com

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