Unique and Crazy Jobs for Matriculants

If you’ve just finished school and need to make extra cash, there are plenty of matriculant jobs available. From weird and fun positions to ordinary administrative jobs, there is a wide range of job opportunities for recent matriculants.


Matriculants can find call centre jobs in South Africa. Unique jobs for matriculants include working as an au pair in America or finding employment on cruise ships. Becoming a model is another fun way to earn extra cash. For some unusual ‘crazy’ job options, you could consider becoming a Pet food Taster. This uncommon career involves testing different pet food to determine which sample tastes the best. Imax Screen Cleaner positions offer a unique employment opportunity. This position entails cleaning the huge IMAX screens. If you are an adrenaline junky, you could choose to become a Stunt Tester. This position involves testing stunts before they are filmed.


Even if you have no working experience you can benefit from registering your CV on Job Mail. By registering your CV you can easily apply for a variety of positions. From au pair jobs to administrative positions there is a wide range of vacancies advertised online. With a registered CV applying for positions is quick and simple. The efficiency of this platform allows you to apply for more positions in less time.


As a registered job seeker you can connect to employees across South Africa. Once you have registered, premium employees will be able to access your CV on the Job Mail database. Employees will view your cover letter first so be sure to include a concise description of your skills.


Another advantage of registering your CV is that the Job Mail site is easy to navigate. Once you have registered your CV and started applying for positions it is simple to check if you have any responses from employees. Another benefit to registering with Job Mail is that you can receive alerts for suitable positions. This function makes sure that you don’t miss out on any suitable employment opportunities. You can choose to receive alerts every two days or two weeks. Job Mail is a mobile friendly site which enables you to apply for jobs even when you are not at your computer.

If you are hunting for jobs for matriculants, visit www.JobMail.co.za.


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    I’m a job seeker and I’m willing to be a good assert for any kind of job

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