Tutoring Jobs: Get paid for sharing your knowledge!

Tutoring jobs are an awesome way to earn extra cash. Whether you are a student or a retired teacher you can boost your income by looking for tutor jobs. High school students can make money by tutoring lower grades. If you want to share your knowledge and help others then education jobs are a great option. Before you start applying for positions make sure that you know what your prospective employees are looking for. Learning more about what Tutors are responsible for will help you to decide whether you are suitable for this position.


Tutoring as a Part Time Job

When it comes to part time jobs tutoring is a rewarding option. While student jobs range from promotion work to bartending positions as a tutor you will be making a difference in other people’s lives. Dedicated tutors can help students to improve their marks and excel at their chosen subjects. Watching your students gain confidence and seeing them improve their academic performance is a satisfying aspect of this role. Another benefit of finding tutoring jobs is that positions are available for a wide range of applicants which includes high school students and retired teachers. If you have other commitments, tutoring also offers you flexible working hours. You can choose how many students to take on depending on your schedule. However the downside of this is tutor jobs typically don’t offer fixed income as students may stop their lessons during school holidays. The periods before exams are typically busier than other times of the year.

What Tutoring Jobs Entail

The role of a tutor is to help students improve their academic results. They are required to identify the areas that students are struggling with and help to clarify their understanding of problematic areas. The tasks that a tutor performs depend on whether they are working privately or for a tutoring company. Tutoring companies may have set workbooks that the tutor needs to work through. If you are working privately you may need to develop your own programs and strategies to boost your student’s performance. Typically you will go over what the student has been learning at school and review their homework. Tutors may also be required to assist their students with studying and test writing strategies. Assessing the student’s progress is an important part of the job. Depending on who your employer is you may also be required to keep student records. Parents of school going children appreciate feedback on their child’s progress while university students can also benefit from feedback from their tutor.


To be a successful tutor you will need to enjoy working with people. An excellent academic record is also required for this position. Generally you will only be accepted to tutor for subjects that you have excelled in. As a tutor you will need to explain complex problems simply and make sure that you are teaching your students at a level that they understand. If you want to apply these types of jobs and opportunities, you will need to be a trustworthy and reliable person. Dedication and motivation are also assets. Communication and interpersonal skills are vital.

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Types of Tutor Jobs in South Africa

There are a range of different types of tutoring jobs which are available in South Africa. The jobs that you’re eligible for will depend on your qualifications and academic results. If you are a high school student you can tutor lower grades. Not only will you have the opportunity to help other people, but it serves as great part time jobs, helping you earn an income. You will need to have an excellent academic record for the subjects that you want to tutor. There is a need for tutors in more challenging subjects such as Mathematics and Physics. University students can apply to tutor subjects that they have already passed. Post graduates are often employed to tutor first and second year students. Retired teachers can use their years of experience in education to support learners that are struggling at school. Another option when it comes to student jobs are online tutoring opportunities. If English is your first language and you have a good academic record you can apply to teach English online to students across the world. This can be an exciting job opportunity as you will meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. This position can also help you to earn money during the South African school and University holidays. While it is not required by all companies, a TEFL Degree or an English qualification is advantageous when you are applying for online work.


If you want to share your knowledge, have an interest in education jobs and want to help students, why not apply for tutoring jobs? You can find private tutoring work or apply for a position within a company. Not only will you have the satisfaction of supporting students academically, you can also make a good income from this job. Register your CV on Job Mail today and start applying for part time jobs in your field of interest.

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