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Are you considering a career in Journalism? Matriculants face the tough task of deciding what to study next year. A great start to deciding whether becoming a journalist is the right option for you is to find out exactly what you will be required to do if you follow this career path. Freelance writing jobs offer you the opportunity to test your skills in this field. Browse Job Mail, register your CV and apply for Journalism jobs online. Here is information on what a Journalism career entails.


What is Journalism?

Journalists are required to research and write articles. Depending on the employer and the position within the publication, they may be responsible for writing different types of articles including magazine and newspaper pieces. The information can also be used for newspaper and film. Articles are written with a specific audience and purpose in mind. A journalist needs to craft their writing in such a way that appeals to their target audience. During the research process, journalists collect information from different resources with the goal of representing various sides of an argument. Part of gathering information includes double checking the facts of a story. Reviewing press releases as well as interviewing people of interest are other tasks that journalists perform. Journalists are also responsible for initiating and developing relationships with useful contacts. Editing and proofreading articles is a vital part of this position. It is necessary for journalists to stay informed of current privacy laws. Another part of the job involves liaising with other team members such as editors and photographers.

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What do Journalism jobs involve?

Journalists have good career prospects, and they can also transfer between different publications and types of media. Professionals in this field can find employment with newspapers, magazines and websites. Digital journalism includes blogging and publishing articles online. As technology advances and internet becomes widespread, there is an increase in the demand for digital writers. Radio stations and television companies also offer job opportunities. Another option is to find freelance work. While freelance jobs give you more freedom, it is important that you have contacts within the industry first. Once you have become well-known for producing quality work and for meeting deadlines, it will be easier to find freelance work. You can find jobs by browsing through Job Mail or networking with other people in the industry. Internships are a great way make contacts and to enhance your skills.

Journalism jobs also allow you to choose to specialise in different areas. The specialisation that you choose will depend on your interests as well as what topics you are knowledgeable on. The types of jobs that are in demand is another factor to consider. Sports, entertainment, fashion and news are interesting topics that you can become specialised in. Other options are crime, politics and food.


Journalists write for publications at a regional or national level. Positions are also available for international work. As an international journalist you will write stories on topics from around the world. Typically employers will require that you have a tertiary education when you are applying for a position. It is advisable to study further after you matriculate if you want to pursue this career. To pursue a successful journalism career, you can complete a degree in English or Journalism. Having a degree in specific topics such as economics is also beneficial. Rhodes University offers a three year Bachelors of Arts in Journalism or a four year Bachelor of Journalism. Other educational institutes that offer relevant qualifications include the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the Durban University of Technology. Relevant experience will also increase your chances of finding employment. You can acquire experience by writing articles for free, entering writing competitions or completing freelance jobs.

A Journalism career

To be a successful journalist you will need to be enthusiastic and determined. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills are also important. Journalists need an in-depth knowledge of language and grammar.

Journalism can be a thrilling career which gives you the opportunity to travel and meet interesting people. While there are many advantages to becoming a journalist, the downside is that it can be a stressful and demanding career. Journalists may also be required to work long and irregular hours.

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To get a better idea of what jobs are out there, take a look at some of the positions that are available on Job Mail.

Specialist Journalist

A vacancy is available for a journalist who specialises in politics. The core duty of this position is writing relevant and well-researched articles on a daily basis. The successful candidate will be responsible for a specific part of the newspaper.


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Positions are available for four student journalists. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking for experience. The magazine is based in Pretoria. The successful candidates will write articles for the gossip page as well as for the travel and tourism page.


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Looking for Journalism jobs in your field of expertise? Register your CV on Job Mail now and start applying for fabulous work opportunities to kick-start your journalism career!

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