Top construction careers for 2020

Are you interested in a career in the construction industry? From project management to equipment operator roles, there is a wide range of construction careers to choose from.

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1. Construction Project Manager

This senior-level position involves overseeing construction projects to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and according to the specified deadline. The tasks that are associated with this role include budgeting, planning, dealing with suppliers and reporting to stakeholders. To succeed in this position, you’ll need leadership, problem-solving and organisational capabilities, as well as the ability to work under pressure and handle finances.

Construction project managers have hands-on experience with a job site, which makes them more knowledgeable in building materials. They also know the design fundamentals and construction planning.

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2. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are involved in the designing, planning, maintenance/servicing, and supervision of construction projects. These professionals are required to work in an office as well as on-site in a range of different locations. Civil engineers can work in a wide range of areas, from structural and transportation applications, such as bridges, tunnels, and roads, to water, geotechnical, large-scale construction, urban, railway, harbour, environmental, and informatics like data capturing.

Civil engineers are required to study in order to learn all the necessary building codes. They must also have in-depth knowledge regarding the fundamentals of load-bearing structures, statistical analysis, and construction techniques.

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3. Plumbers

Plumbers are responsible for installing, testing, diagnosing, repairing, and inspecting plumbing systems used for water, gas, and air distribution or disposal. This can include heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. Plumbers will also be tasked with cleaning out drains and obstructions in waste and sewage pipes. Skills required for this job include, but are not limited to, good interpersonal skills, time-management skills, problem-solving skills, physical strength, and good coordination.

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4. Electricians

Electricians are responsible for installing, testing, repairing, and inspecting electrical wiring and systems in various types of buildings. Depending on the area of specialisation, an electrician can work indoors, outdoors, or even both, and will travel from one job site to another as part of their daily routine.

Skills needed to become an electrician include, but are not limited to, paying attention to detail, the ability to focus for long periods of time, problem-solving skills, good communication and interpersonal skills, a reasonable standard of physical fitness and normal colour vision in order to distinguish between wires.

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5. Construction Equipment Operators

Heavy equipment operators are responsible for operating construction machinery such as dozers, forklifts, backhoes, dump trucks, cranes and more. With this equipment, they assist in the construction of structures such as bridges, roads, buildings and more.

Their responsibilities include:

  • operating construction equipment in accordance with the relevant safety policies and procedures
  • loading, moving and spreading materials during the construction process
  • loading and unloading equipment and ensuring the equipment is being maintained and stored correctly.

Typical skills needed for this position include, but is not limited to, excellent hand-eye coordination, physical stamina, communication skills, mechanical skills, and the ability to pay attention to detail.

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6. Boilermaker

A boilermaker is responsible for manufacturing, installing, maintaining and repairing boilers or other large vessels and containers that hold liquids or gasses. Skills needed for this position include, but are not limited to, mechanical skills, physical strength and stamina, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills, troubleshooting skills, and no fear of heights.

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7. Sheet Metal Workers

Sheet metal workers are responsible for creating, installing, and repairing sheet metal products commonly including elements of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Sheet metal workers can also fabricate and repair products for drainage and roofing applications. Skills needed for this position include computer skills, good hand-eye coordination, mathematical skills, mechanical skills, as well as physical strength and stamina.

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8. Glaziers

Glaziers are responsible for installing glass in windows, skylights, storefronts, and display cases.

Their responsibilities include:

  • following blueprints to identify the dimensions, type, and colour of glass to be used
  • removing old or broken glass before inserting the new ones
  • cutting the glass to the specified shape and size
  • adding the necessary weather seal and much more.

Skills needed for this position include good hand-eye coordination, physical stamina, a good sense of balance, problem-solving skills, critical thinking capabilities, and the ability to pay attention to detail.

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Now that you know more about the top construction careers, you can choose the job that best matches for your capabilities. Looking for employment in the construction industry? Find vacancies on Job Mail and start applying today!

Top construction careers for 2020
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Top construction careers for 2020
Interested in working in the construction industry? From civil engineers to equipment operator roles, there are many construction careers to choose from.
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