Top 10 creative careers you should consider

Are you wondering what creative careers are out there? Not sure where to start looking? We’re here to help! From becoming a make-up artist to working as a fashion designer, you’ll find a wide variety of jobs where your creativity can help you succeed. Want to see what job opportunities await you? Visit Job Mail today.

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1. Make-Up Artist

A career as a make-up artist offers you plenty of room for growth. If you get into the TV and film industry, you could even find yourself working with celebrities. Then there’s also the possibility for you to work at a beauty salon and make normal people look and feel like stars. Assistant positions are also available and will help you to develop the skills you need to grow your career in make-up artistry.


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2. Video Game Developer

Are you an avid gamer? Then working as a video game developer may just be the dream job for you! Not only will you have the opportunity to use your creative talents, but you’ll get to do what you love every day. While this job is definitely fun, it also requires hard work and the right skills to make it in the industry. Completing a relevant degree is a good foundation for your career. You’ll also need an understanding of the latest design trends and knowledge of your target audience.


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3. Editor

When it comes to creative careers, becoming an editor is definitely worth considering. If you’re a lover of words and language, then this job may be a good choice for you. As an editor, you can find relevant positions in the media and communications industry. While you’ll need to be creative, attention-to-detail is also important. A degree in writing or journalism is a good foundation for this career. Working as a writer or completing an internship can help to launch your career.


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4. Videographer

Unleash your creative talent by becoming a videographer. From fun films to corporate videos, you’ll find yourself working on a diverse range of projects. An understanding of lighting and film speeds is required to succeed. You’ll also need technical knowledge to get the job done.


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5. Graphic Arts

Can you create visuals that grab people’s attention? Then add graphic arts to your list of potential creative careers. If you pursue this career, you may find yourself drawing, painting, sketching or developing animations. With a diverse range of media to get involved in, you can put your talents to good use.


Become A Fashion Designer | Job Mail

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6. Fashion Designer

If you have a passion for fashion, why not become a fashion designer? Then you won’t only be wearing the newest styles, you’ll play a role in creating them. Keeping up to date with the latest trends is an essential part of this position. Other aspects of this role include creating sketches, choosing fabrics, and collaborating with team members.


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7. Marketing Manager

In a marketing manager position, you’ll need to be business savvy as well as creative. Financial capabilities are also required. As a marketing manager, you’ll join forces with ad agencies, public relations firms, and suppliers. This is a senior level position, so you’ll need to gain experience in the industry and work your way up from there.


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8. Architectural Technician

Channel your technical precision and artistic talent into a career as an architectural designer. You’ll be drafting building designs with help from CAD as well as visualisation software. This is a growing field, which means that it offers you a promising career.


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9. Interior Designer

When you’re decorating a home, there’s plenty of factors to consider. That’s where interior designers come in. These professionals use their expertise to consider the room’s lighting, furniture, and layout. The size and function of the room will also influence its decor. If you decide to become an interior designer, you could find yourself decorating private homes, offices, hotels or educational institutes.


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10. Art Therapist

While all the creative careers are rewarding, working as an art therapist has high levels of job satisfaction. In this profession, you’ll use art in a therapeutic context. To become an art therapist, you’ll need to get your Psychology qualification first and then specialise in art therapy.


Feeling inspired? Browse through the vacancies on Job Mail to find creative careers you’ll love. With a combination of talent and hard work, you’re sure to excel in your new job.

Top 10 creative careers you should consider
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Top 10 creative careers you should consider
Are you wondering what creative careers are out there? You can become a make-up artist, graphic designer, videographer, game developer, and much more!
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