Tips for writing a winning Engineering CV

One of the most important parts of looking for a job and ensuring yourself a new position, is the ability to grab the attention of the person who will be reading your CV, in 30-40 seconds. If your CV is really good, you will be able to extend those couple of seconds to a minute and hopefully score yourself an interview.

Your CV, together with a cover letter should create a picture of you, and your career, to the employer.

Creating an Engineering Curriculum Vitae can be one of the most difficult documents to develop. It is very different from the regular CV, because the Engineering department is very technical and is heavily based on skills and experience. So when create your CV, the focus of your CV should be selling your skills and experience in Engineering to an employer.


Here are the steps to creating a winning CV:

First and foremost, before you begin to type out your CV, think of how you are going to arrange it. That is the organisation of your CV. Using chronological order, the first thing that should go on top is your most recent job, followed by the one before and the one before that and etc,.

However, it is not only about listing these recent jobs, it is also about detailing to the employer what skills, achievements and projects you worked in.



A little advice:

Employers want to be made aware of your experience and skills, however this should not include your life story. Keep the information details to the specifics of the job offered, keeping in mind that it is about getting an interview.

Secondly, make no errors

Even if you have to check your CV 10 times, do it. Just make sure there are no spelling mistakes, paragraph breaks or grammatical errors in your CV. An error in your CV can be the determining factor between you and someone else.

If you send in your CV with typos and even the smallest errors, what does that say about you? Engineering is a very detailed career, and even the smallest mistake can be a reflection of your future performance.

Some more advice…

By all means, refrain from using social networking language such as nd, n, or en for ‘and’ or wrk, wk or wok for ‘work’. It is unprofessional and only spoils your chances of finding a job.

But, we live in a technological world

The job market has become very competitive, meaning that your CV must stand out. You can do this by adding a professional picture of yourself, or documents of project work related to the position you are applying for, or you can just create a profile on Job Mail.

And Lastly

Make sure that your reason for applying for this job is emphasised. Maybe you feel that you are ready for a new challenge, or this is your first time and you are excited about the contribution you will be able to make in the Engineering industry. Make the employer want to employ you!

Always remember that your CV does not always guarantee you a job, because the purpose of a CV is to secure you an interview. When you get that interview, only you can get yourself that job, because although CV’s get interviews it is the people that get the jobs.

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  1. Beatrice Ashantia Maphanga says:

    I’m looking for general work. I have matric. I have been computer trained and I have a code 10 driving licence.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link (on your mobile phone). Then look for Jobs that you need at (on your cell phone) or (on your PC) and apply for them. Search for “Gardener”, “Cashier” “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon. E-mail us via

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