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At Job Mail we try to help make Mission Job Hunt easier for all job seekers. Over the last couple of weeks we have received various queries from Job Mail job seekers who want to know how they can get their CV to 100% on the Job Mail website. This came to light during the time that we were running our Mission CV Advance Challenge campaign.

It became apparent that some of our job seekers are struggling to get their CVs 100% complete. We realise the frustration that this causes and for this reason we have decided to provide you all with the relevant information to ensure that you go from zero to hero.

Follow the below easy steps to become a 100% searchable, viewable and ready to apply for your dream job.

1. As a newly registered Job Mail job seeker, when you log in you will see your CV is at 50% complete. If your CV is only 50% complete this means you are not being searched by recruiters or employers. This means it is time for you to take action and become an active job seeker. Please click on the “Activate your CV” section to proceed to the next step. After each tip you click on you will then be taken to the next step in the Job Mail CV Completion process until the system says you are “100% complete”.

2. The next step you need to complete is the qualification tab. Please click on “Qualification” tab to update all your qualifications.

3.  Once your qualifications are complete you have advanced to the next field. At this segment you are expected to complete  your employment history. Make sure that all your “Employment” details are completed in this section and click submit to get to the next tip.

4. At Job Mail we realise the importance of going social. For this reason we suggest that all our job seekers include their social graph in their Job Mail Online CV. Add your Social links by clicking on “Facebook”, “Linkedin” or “Twitter”. Add the urls/ links to each social profile text box. Once your social graph is complete please click submit and advance to the next tip.

5. The skills you possess are your unique and valuable selling card to matching to a recruiters needs. It is therefore important that you place all your skills into the Job Mail ‘Skills Matrix” segment. Click on “Skills Matrix” tab to complete this crucial section and submit to get the next tip.

6. At this point you are 88% complete and there are only a couple more steps for you to finish the Job Mail Online CV process.  It is important for recruiters to know who you have worked for. Employers and recruiters usually require your references so they can call to make sure you have the skills and aptitude they need in their workforce. Click on “reference” section and  proceed to filling in this section with your recommendations. Please click submit to get the next tip once this section has been filled in.

7. Recruiters need identification details from each job seeker to determine who you are and verify your education portfolio. It is therefore necessary for you to provide your ID number for recruiters to verify your identity. Please click on “ID Number” field to enter your id number and then hit submit to get to the next tip.

8. Recruiters and employers need to know where you live in order to ascertain whether you can travel each day to   the office. It is therefore important that you fill-in your postal address.  Please click on the “Postal Address” sections and enter in your address and then submit your details to get to the next tip.

9. Recruiters and employers have told Job Mail that it is nice to see what a candidate looks like. This is why in our new Job Mail CV requires you to include your photograph. To add your photo please click on “Photograph” field and upload a professional photo of yourself and then hit submit. After you have completed all 9 steps  your Job Mail Online CV should be at 100%. Congratulations and may your job hunt be successful using Job Mail.

Please note: At this stage you will have to upload your Job Mail CV via a PC, as the system is not yet supported by mobile. The good news is once your CV is updated you can browse and apply for jobs from your mobile phone.

There you have it, an easy step-by-step guide to completing your online CV on Job Mail. Having a complete CV on Job Mail will empower you to build your brand and make Mission Job Hunt more successful. Our new CV makes sure that your brand and skills come up in recruiters/ employers application searches all the time. In order for you to be selected as an ideal candidate your CV needs to be a complete reflection of who you are. So complete your Job Mail Online CV by clicking this link and following the quick steps in this article.

If you are encountering any problems with the Job Mail registration process please feel free to contact our Job Master at and he will gladly assist you.

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