Tips on how to become successful in Finance


The Finance profession can be a very tough job market for young professionals to enter in to. In fact, half of the students that graduate with an Accounting or Finance degree or diploma cannot find a job with their qualification.

But there is a way to get through all the competition and succeed in the finance industry.

As a young Finance professional, the first thing you need to do is to set yourself goals. Any person who aims to succeed in any career has to have goals. Once you have set yourself goals, you can begin by following these tips that can help you get your dream job:

  1. Instead of aiming for a paying job, apply for internships or programs that can enhance your qualifications and polish your experience.Often what companies seek isn’t someone who only knows theory, but also someone who has had a chance to practice those financial theories in real life situations. So, if you are looking for Accounting jobs or anything financial, challenge yourself by taking advantage of the small available opportunities.Practice your Accounting or Finance skills by working for a church or a school, it might not be much but it is a form of experience that companies are looking for.
  2. A career as a Financial Advisor or an Accountant isn’t one for the timid or the shy. Your personality counts in your favour. Although the job is about money, but that shouldn’t fuel your drive. You need to have the passion for the Finance industry.Some most famous accountants and finance professionals like Robert Walters, Nonkululeko Goboda and Sindi Zilwa; will tell you that the finance industry is more than just about money ‘it is about passion’. Once you have that passion and drive, you are a step closer to becoming successful in finance.
  3. The most important factor in becoming successful in any career today is to make connections. Network with other professionals in your industry.

The Finance industry may be very broad, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Bankers, etc., but this is a chance for you to mingle amongst people who think and speak as you do. This is great, because the people you network with can influence your career greatly.

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