Tips on becoming the best Medical Rep

medical-sales-representative-jobs-South-AfricaAs a Medical Representative, you are the communications node between pharmaceuticals and medical professionals. In order for them to continue coming back to you, you need to be the best at your job.

This Blog will give you tips on becoming the best medical rep you can ever be. Your job includes keeping pharmaceuticals and medical professionals in the loop about new medicine and new products in the medical field.

It is a very challenging job. But it can be very simple with just a few things to consider.

  1. You need to be very honest. You job is all about giving the best medical product advice to medical professionals, and if you do your job wrong, you put them in a position to fail at their jobs.

What to do?

Be clear about the drugs, exaggerating their benefits will only lead the doctors to come back to you complaining and eventually the drug will be discarded, and you will lose a valuable customer.

  1. Doctors are very busy people, and the least you can do as a Medical Rep is to lessen their workload by giving them information that is clear and concise. Mention which product is best and exactly what it does, playing around with this information only wastes their time and yours.
  2. You can make use of brochures, digital images and so forth, to better your communication with the doctors. This says more than what you could have said with just the words.

Use images, not to distract the Doctors from what the medical product is supposed to do, but to help you put your point across. This saves you and the Doctor a lot of time, especially if you are unable to explain fully what the new products can actually do.

  1. You can make use of case studies to put your point across. Case studies such as stats from the pharmaceutical chemist. Use them as evidence of the success of the new drug.
  2. As a medical representative, it might sometimes be difficult to accept that some drugs actually have pros and cons, and sometimes you might shy away from mentioning these cons. Your best chance of getting the doctors to come back to you is if you are honest about everything, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of the drug. By doing this, you are giving the Doctor the power to decide whether or not the drug is best.
  3. The best part about being a Medical Rep is that you can keep in constant communication with medical professionals. Make it your mission to ensure that the products that they are getting from you are working as you said they would.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly is to form a relationship with pharmaceuticals and the medical professionals. It does not guarantee more sales, but you will be gaining the doctors’ support and that is what you will need as a Medical Rep.

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