Tips For Temps That Lead to Permanent Success

Temping can either mean dead-end employment or a successful long-term career, depending on how you view it and apply yourself in the industry. Here are some tips for temps that lead to permanent success.

Tip #1: Consider yourself permanent

In performing your temporary assignments, always consider yourself as a permanent employee of the agency you are representing. That means always look, behave and perform your very best on every assignment. Your temping agency will receive feedback on your performance, and consistent good report will distinguish you from other temps, and guarantee you more great temporary placements.

Tip #2: Be a perfect match
There’s NO time for training when you’re on a temping assignment. The company that hired you expects someone who can get the job done quickly and is already familiar with the duties of the job, i.e. use of equipment, software, processes etc. They only need to explain specifics of that particular job to you. So know your skills and make sure your agency matches you to jobs that you are able to perform well. This will spare you the embarrassment of bad feedback or being replaced in a heartbeat.

Tip #3: Don’t make waves

As a temp, you are there to do a certain job in a specific amount of time, and that’s that. They who hired you don’t have more expectations of you or the desire to form long-term employee/colleague relationships with you. So always stay friendly, “in your place”, do as you are told, and never try to run the show. You can make friendly suggestions, but don’t get upset if they are not adhered to.

Tip #4: Be on time and do a proper job

Know your working hours, when it is okay to take breaks and lunch, and for how long… Stick to these rules at all times. Don’t ask colleagues, as the rules for them might be different. Rather confirm these details with your direct supervisor. Always show up on time for work, and get as much done as possible. They hired you so the work won’t pile up while their permanent employee in that position is away. So be of great help and do a proper job while you are there.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to ask

If you see yourself fitting into the company culture nicely, and would like to work full-time time at your current assignment, don’t be hesitant to enquire about the possibility of a permanent post. Many companies like to “test-drive” employees through temporary assignments first before considering permanent employment. If you have proved yourself reliable, hard-working and an asset they can’t do without, they are likely to make your position a permanent one…

Tip #6: Build your CV

Although you might be doing the same job for various companies, each of these companies functions differently, with different processes and methods of application. Use your temping assignments to learn and gain as much experience as possible. This will improve your CV and open greater doors of opportunity for you. Just be sure to regularly update your Skills and Experience at your Temping Agency, so they can place you appropriately in better positions.

Tip #7: Ask for a raise

If you have been temping at one company for longer than 3 months, it’s okay to ask for an increase in your salary. At this stage you have passed the normal “probationary” period and have left an impression on the employer that makes them want to keep you around. Thus they will likely be willing to increase your salary if it means they can hang on to a good and reliable employee. Let your agency handle the negotiations…

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  1. mashudu says:

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    • Henno Kruger says:

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  2. Sihle says:

    Thank you, for the information. Yes I am currently unemployed. The information that you have provided is helpful. Thank you

  3. Sthembiso Ndlovu says:

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