Top 10 tips for new managers

Have you recently been promoted to manager? From finding a mentor to setting a good example, there are plenty of strategies that can help new managers to succeed. While this senior-level position comes with plenty of responsibility, it’s an exciting opportunity to advance your career. If you are still looking for a management position, start your search on Job Mail.

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1. Communicate clearly

Clear communication is an essential skill that new managers need to cultivate if they want to succeed. Underperformance in the workplace is related to unclear expectations, inadequate feedback, and unfair evaluations. Hold regular meetings to keep communication channels open. When you first take over the role of manager, it’s helpful to schedule individual meetings with each of your team members so that you can discuss expectations from both sides and discuss how performance will be evaluated.

2. Delegate tasks

New managers are faced with a wide range of responsibilities. With more to get done, they need to learn how to delegate effectively. This means you’ll need to reassign the tasks you were responsible for in your previous position. Picking the right employee for the task is an important aspect of effective delegation. Assigning extra tasks to employees is also an opportunity for them to learn and develop new skills.

3. Seek guidance from a mentor

Finding yourself in a management position can be challenging, and guidance from a mentor can go a long way towards ensuring that you ease into your new role. If your company has a mentorship programme, it’s a good idea to join it. Otherwise, you can look for a more experienced manager who has a leadership style that you admire. Before you meet with your mentor, prepare specific questions so that you can make the most of your time together.

4. Focus on continuous development

New managers should be dedicated to advancing their knowledge and skills. Look for opportunities to develop the skills that are essential to your position. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is advantageous as this will allow you to identify the areas you still need to work on. Leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills are vital for senior-level positions.

5. Understand your team

Understanding your team has numerous advantages. You’ll gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, which will help you to delegate tasks effectively. Knowledge of the areas that your team members need to improve on will also help you to identify suitable training opportunities. Taking the time to get to know your employees helps to cultivate trust and good communication in the workplace.

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6. Be organized

Organisational skills are crucial for any manager. In order to keep up with the responsibilities that are associated with this senior level position, you’ll need to plan ahead. Proper organisation promotes efficiency and productivity in the workplace while making lists and setting up timelines are a great way to stay on track.

7. Use performance reviews

Performance reviews are an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of your team members. You can also use these meetings to keep your staff motivated. While you may mention one or two areas they can improve on, it’s important to focus on what they’ve done well. If you’re addressing areas that require improvement, make sure that you also offer them encouragement and opportunities to develop their capabilities.

8. Get input from your team

Communication goes both ways and it helps to build good relationships if your employees feel heard. Ask your team members for suggestions and feedback when you’re working on projects together. Being open to feedback on your management style is also helpful.

9. Set a good example

When you’re working in a leadership position, you’ll have more attention on you. It’s important to be a positive role model by setting a good example for your team members. In order to get the best results, you need to display the behaviour you want to see in your staff. Being punctual, efficient, and honest is vital if you want your team to stay on track.

10. Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Cultivating a positive attitude will contribute to a pleasant work environment that’s conducive to productivity. Making time to celebrate your team’s success helps your employees to stay motivated.

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While new managers face numerous challenges, this position is also rewarding. Hard work and dedication go a long way towards ensuring your success. Do you want to advance your career? Apply for manager positions on Job Mail today.

Top 10 tips for new managers
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Top 10 tips for new managers
Have you been promoted to manager? From finding a mentor to setting a good example, there are plenty of strategies that can help new managers to succeed.
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